Irrigation controllers & water filtration?

How do you control your irrigation? What water filtration/sanitization system(s) do you use?


Check out Zwart Systems.


We offer high flow top-feed recirculating systems with manual or automatic dosing. We also offer a growing method for rockwool, complete with our own feed schedule based on what is colloquially known as the “San Fernando Valley” formula. If you’d like to interview one of our customers, let me know.


Bumping this topic for the newer folks.

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We have developing a full range of low cost nutrient, pH, water air temp, humidity, CO2, PAR light sensors. We use them to dynamically change plant inputs to evolve the best grow condition per strain.

Our goal was to make them cheap enough to have one controller per plant or a small group of plants. This allows use to do research in a production enviornment. It also prevents the spread of pathogens between plants.

We are making aeroponic grow chambers to control all grow varia
ble per plant.

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