Is anybody using cal Mag for auto plants?

Hey Everyone :relaxed:Can I have some nutrients combos for auto plants? Also, where is everyone located lol. I’m in NJ and TX , I have homes both places.


@Bigfish27 , I usually use calmag for all my grows, cant do any harm. With autos and the quick turnaround time I prefer using a super soil with all the nutrients in them already.

From South Africa, arse end of the world, just outside a small village in the Eastern Cape. Nice to live in Texas, I have a couple good friends living there, actually my oldest and best friend emigrated there 10 years ago.


I want visit South Africa one day! @chrisj


I’m following @Chrisj. A little more about those elements:

Both Ca & Mg are important for the growth process.
Calcium is used by the plant for many processes, but is especially important for the growth process. It has a regulatory effect in the cells and contributes to the stability of the plant.
Magnesium is also indispensable to plants and is essential for photosynthesis.
It’s like a building block for chlorophyll.

Your plants being autoflowers or photoperiodic doesn’t affect the need for these elements. Whether you want to add them to your feeding schedule or not really depends on the presence of these elements in your feeding water at start. F.e.: If you start with RO water to mix in your nutrients, which has an EC of 0 (so there’s no calcium/magnesium present either yet) you generally want to top up your water to an EC of 0.4 with cal/mag BEFORE mixing in your other macro nutrients (NPK). If you would start from (dechlorinated) tapwater and measure the EC before mixing anything in it; you will see it usually already has an EC of 0.2 (very soft water) - 0.7 (very hard water). Again, 0.4 is your target. 0.7 is A LOT. This will probably cause problems and its recommended to use different water if this is the case. Soft (dechlorinated) tapwater you can always top up to the desired level.


Wow nice answer @MrMonkey420, learnt alot there. Going to tag you in a topic and ask a you a possibly dumb water question. We playing with water and testers right now.


No worries @chrisj. Helping each other out is key! I’m no expert like flasch, by all means. At some point I got tired of looking up the same info again & again because I kept forgetting it, and I started to gather the things I learned about the chemistry of it all, in a document; now I can memorise it. I’ve picked up a lot from my nutrient brand, CANNA, by the way. They’re not to shy to share info. And horticulture in general like Bob has already mentioned before. Cause that’s basically what growing pot is: horticulture.