Is anyone familiar with the Lucas Formula with GH flora?

I am doing side by sides with GH flora series to see if Organic is even worth it anymore. Word down the pipe line is that Clean Green certification not going to mean squat any more. States will allow the use of the sticker, but you cannot claim organic anymore.
Anyways, I am using Flora micro and bloom with the Lucas formula and I want to incorporate SI with out adding another doser.Does anyone know off hand which, if any of those 2, I can mix the SI concentrate into with out lock up or any adverse chemical reactions?



Which kind of SI do you plan to use ?


I worry that the mix of the Si with Ca/Mg in either of the GH 2 part will cause the mixture to precipitate when mixed in an undiluted form… Do @GrowOpEmployees, @growopowners or @mastergrowers have any thoughts on Si with the Lucas Formula?


It is not recommended to mix silica with your nutrients directly. I’m not sure about the Lucas Formula in particular but I imagine it’s like any other additive, where, as @Growernick stated, it will form a precipitate with Ca/Mg and can react with other compounds as well. This is one of the reasons SI is not normally incorporated into hydroponic nutrients already, despite its beneficial impact on plant health.
Another thing to note is that if you will be adding SI to your water, it’s always recommended to add it before anything else, once it has been well diluted in the water.


Micro has the Cal and bloom has the mag… I don’t want to have to add another doser just for SI. I guess Ill just water it in once a week with my botaniguard and nematodes.


I mix silica w Ca: mag every month . All depends on the stability and chelation of the sources . I’m not sure about those programs but jar mix first. If solubilizes without separating then your fine . All calcium base products should be jar tested before using


well the issue is chemical reactions making soluble nutrients insoluble.That is not always a visible reaction. Iwas hoping someone has tried it specifically or worked out the chemistry.


Have you tried using it in a foliar application as an alternative?


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I’d love to answer this for ya, but first I’d like to know what form of Si you are/intend to use? Potassium silicate? SiO2? OSA? @mwmzx6

The complications with most silicon additives is that they can alter the reservoir Ph, particularly potassium silicate, raising the Ph (since potassium is an alkaline element) thus causing the calcium to precipitate. That’s why typically manufacturers will advise adding the Si last to the reservoir since the Ph of the res is already acidic…adding acidic fertilizer to an alkaline reservoir will cause precipitation ( ‘cloudiness’, typically calcium binding to sulfur forming calcium sulfate). There is also the concern of additional potassium input to be factored in. SiO2 will form salicic acid when it comes in contact with water, thus reducing the time for possible polymerization. Go a step further and directly apply ortho-salicic acid to avoid all the above issues :D.