Is cannabis an aphrodisiac?

The jury is out on this topic…at least scientifically. But I have heard everything from an emphatic “Yes!” to “Meh”. @memberdirectory: what are your thoughts? Let’s talk love and cannabis.


I bet it’s strain dependent.


Yes. True for me.


Yes, but definitely depends on the strain. Anyone know what strains are known to have more of this effect?


I’m going to hop into this interesting thread because my late Uncle, a Dr. and researcher, once gave a lecture on the benefits of introducing cannabis into sexless couples relationship therapy. No doubt in my mind it has the potential to help in more ways than one :wink:

Some interesting resources:

The Sex Therapists Using Pot to Help Patients Find Their ‘Full Sexual Potential’

The Largest, Best Studies Yet on Sex and Marijuana


I think this phenomenon is largely strain dependent. I would also like to know others’ experiences with which strains work best on the old libido…similarly, which strains to get you out of the mood? For me, sat-dom strains seem to set me off just right :star_struck:


I haven’t found it true. Regardless of strains I tried. My experience is more limited on high quality strains.

If we find a stain that is a vasodilator instead of an constrictor. If you smoke you are going to have problems. The act of smoking causes a vasoconstriction. So dilivery method would mater.


I didn’t see that one coming, @Nate. Kinda caught me by surprise :wink:

Great reads, thanks for sharing! 68% of respondents to the study said cannabis was mood enhancing…that’s a promising number!


Very cool, on the libido side.

But what about on the performance side?

It just a cool idea. I wish study two had a bigger sample size. The problem with self reporting is people lie.


Cannabis is for some people, and I definitely think it depends on the cultivar, as some cultivars make me hungry, where others do not; I am sure the same could be said for any other element of our body or senses that cannabis affects.

Back in 1997, before I got busted, I was working to put together a questionnaire that collected information about how a cultivar affected the person using it; my idea was to provide my friends with an allowance of cannabis each week with a different cultivar, and asking them observe how it made them feel: more hungry or less, calm or anxious, or even - horny. But I was also interested in a list of not so fun issues such as nausea reduction or analgesic benefits. I anticipated everybody would be purchasing cannabis in the future based upon how it was expected that it would make them feel. Because when you think about it, effect is really what it is all about.

In 1997, I was attempting to collect a wide range of cannabis, because I felt like in time, science would show us which varieties helped with what. My intention was to publish the average user experience collected, along with information about growing all of the well known varieties.

At the time I was mostly focused on medical effects because, in my years of activism and meeting fellow patients who were going through chemotherapy or wasting syndrome, they wanted to know if the cannabis would make them hungry or if it would abate their nausea, they needed to know if it would work, and I wanted to guide them to the right stuff.

As for horny, in my experience, the more tropical varieties cause people to feel more energetic and interactive. Whereas the more northern varieties make people feel more chill and content in their own space.

I also think that just putting people in a good mood makes them more flirtatious and open to intimacy.

As for performance, fortunately cannabis users do not suffer from, let us call it: whiskey disfunction.


Definitely works for nausea and well. It is part of my kidney stone plan.

It’s just a maybe for me on aphrodisiac. I just can’t figyre out the mode of action. This is just my ignorance.