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Is it silica or calcium in Canabis?

Cannabis is an odd duck because of all the proabision. All I can find is the following.

Cannabis is a large calcium user.

Little movement or presence of silica in tissue.

Some grasses are great movers of silica. But all the plants I know that put large quantities of silica in the cell walls are C4 plants.

Diotmata earth is helpful as part of an IPM plane. Great help with fungus gnats as part of a program.

Sand that is not part of my mix always causes me problems with artifical water table perching and changes in the growth medium column.

Anyone have thoughts.


A great way to test this for yourself would be to take two plants and using a soilless media feed one a complete nutrient solution with no silica and the other same nutrient solution minus the calcium but add silica.
I won’t give away the results but I can guarantee you that you will understand which one is more important well before the end of the test!


I have done this very test. Try it out as @ron has suggested. he results will influence your decision the next time you buy nutrients/supplements!

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I have seen the tissue analysis it’s definitely calcium.

I only find trace amounts of silica when I read the reports. This is not bamboo.

There was exlilent spectroscopy done on Hemp in WW2. Hemp for victory.


Calcium is KEY!


Calcium is king!