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Is it wierd

never been to a comvention , cup , or any gathering. Im just a old hermit sitting in my grpw room.


You’re only missing so much, I promise. I go to MJBizCon and my head spins for a week!

If you want to come check out a cup sometime, you are invited out to AZ to attend the ERRL Cup this year as a special GN guest. It’s a fun day filled with chill vibes. We can talk to the organizers about getting you an extra ticket with us.


Its possible. my schedule is pretty demanding. besides i would just be goimg for freebies. I LOVE BEANS. SEND THEM MY WAY


Last year I linked up with Monty (Subcool) at the cup and picked up some Pennywise and JOG genetics. It was pretty cool. I just popped the seeds earlier this month


I am always on the lookout for new genetics and seeds too. We can talk seed swapping


yeah i know subcool. i actually just bought some pennywise on @strainly last night. and you see in my grow journal im growing out some Strawberry Supermale x JOG. This will be a breeding run for those. I will have a few packs available to a select few.


I love a good conference. It was the only times I was Not billable. My office treated me like a mushroom.


I have pretty severe PTSD and Social anxiety. I can function in groups. However it takes some meds from pharma to keep me from having issues. I work great on my own. With my commercial aspects. I brief my team once a month. Then i go hide in the canopy.


Social anxiety is tough. I also struggle with trauma-related issues, but my social anxiety has been greatly improved. I wish I had the magical sentence to give you but I’m afraid I do not, of-course. However, I think this is different than ‘jumping right into the pool’, so to speak. If you’re interested in improving your social anxiety, maybe try to somewhat consistently, but to a soft degree, interact slightly outside of your comfort zone.

I still spend a lot of time alone working, but I now make an effort to interact with others even if I don’t want to or feel like it. I think it helps.

Just my experience. PTSD and social anxiety are tricky to manage & improve…


If it makes ya feel any better, most of my work is done behind the scenes! I dont make a lot of public appearances, but lots of commercial contacts and small gatherings. I yet have to attend a cup, but this next year, 2019, i am hoping to jump aboard the Errl and 710 to compete… if I can ever get a hold of them, lol! But anywho, the whole big crowd thing isnt my speed… but in all fair defense, compared to the various cultures and social experiences, those related to cannabis, yield the lowest stress. The atmosphere is completely different, and folks float with it, making it actually very social. Its not hard to walk up to a nice lady and ask her to pull your nug, and the convo takes off from there!

Ok… maybe not that extreme, but you catch my drift! Kinda like your grow crew… you gotta see them, so make it less formal!:cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you all for the kind words. Its hard to explain to people who dont have this condition. It makes doing daily tasks very difficult. Some days i cant even go outside. let alone a cup or something like that. I have panic attacks so bad, that i sold my car. even the thought of riding in a car makes my heart pound, and my head get light. When i travel by car. Most of the time i have to get out and walk around the car a few times. then i can tough it out.

Atleast through Cannabis i can cope better. I do use 8mg of xanax a day. both for ptsd/anxiety. and i have tinitus (constant ringing in my ears).

anyways think ive cried enough. again thank you all fpr the support


This is literally shocking. Are we actually a part of a community within an industry worth so very much money, yet one where everyone just cares about one another on a personal level…? Does this exist in any other industry? Sorry, I’m new, and the ‘not-so-new’ professionals on my team are also confused by this.

MK3_Pharms - I will be PMing you. These issues you have are amendable, and actually may be solvable. We can definitely get you on less Xanax, and even OFF Xanax, entirely; when the time is appropriate.

I’ll leave it with this. If your regimen includes a daily dose of 8mg of Xanax, it is time for a serious change. Xanax is a temporary solution, usually prescribed as a crisis response. It is irresponsible for a doctor to allow someone to maintain such a high dosage of that specific chemical. Its not even ethical. Xanax isn’t something you’re supposed to ‘live on’…Any proper medical professional would agree. Its a fantastic drug and it is never to be used long-term.


I just hate all the benzodiazepines. I uses so much less when I have a reliable supply of cannabis. But, without I have trouble getting through the day. LOTS, has some buzzar effects on me the angsty is bothersome. The slowly losing control of my body and mind the hardest to accept. But, we only go through the life once and I need to get along with what I have. Keep smiling and stay mindful.

Now we need a replacement for gabapenten. I can talk when I take the gabapenten. And can’t get a word out of my mouth that makes sense. But, when will I burn out my gaba receptions.


Gabapenten, Neurontin - however its described to you by your doctor, is a much better, _longer lasting, yet still temporary solution, than Xanax, or Clonazepam, or any other Benzodiazepine. Its also weaker and not going to immediately help one with their panic attacks.

But it also does not work forever, especially not on its own. Allow me to explain my medical interest in cannabis.

I do not agree with those who believe cannabis is replacing all of these prescription drugs. Will some be abolished as a result of cannabis becoming legalized? Yep, its inevitable. We don’t need all of em’.

What I think is cool about cannabis’ medical potential, is something else which I consider, and will confidently assert: Incorporating cannabis products within your regimen will enable your doctor to prescribe a lesser dosage of the other more dangerous, albeit maybe necessary, chemicals. This can actually eliminate many undesirable side-effects of otherwise healthy, good drugs. You see, these drugs are sort of alright; they’re not evil like I used to believe, but they need cannabis on their team. There are synergistic properties within the combination of cannabis products & current accepted prescription drugs; both psychiatric and others.

The most severe side-effects of prescription drugs can partially be considered to be an ‘overdose’…What if there were a safe drug which could be used in conjunction with such drugs, which could decrease the likelihood of a doctor considering a regimen which many would classify as an overdose?

Oh, there is one…Drugs derived from cannabis.

Now, allow me to get back to working on helping us reach the quality ceiling of this medicine, so that soon we will all be producing product with the capability of being classified as a ‘medicine’ - collectively, by medical associations across the globe.

With Love,
Austin Rouse


Not sure the whole first part of your message was expressed in a way i can comprehend. I did read your PM and responded aswell.