Is my Bud ready to harvest even with white hairs

I’ve been growing my plants and we’re in about week 21 and I can’t help but feel that not all the hairs will turn red. It’s crunchy and the first one is dense.


You have 2-3 weeks left … patients grasshopper


Shall I keep flushing?


I flush only the last week. But some do the last 2 weeks…


I only flush when something bad happens :wink:


@rocco yes. I flush for about 3wks, depending on what I’m using. If you’re organic soil/loving soil no need, but if you’re using salt based nutes then flush… just way I do it




Pistils will start to curl down more when almost ready… It’s almost ready tho lol … like everyone said flush :100:… It’ll help with taste and burn :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree: I do last 2 weeks with alkaline water which is higher ph around 8-9 naturally but with the stored nutrients the soil runoff is 7 to 7.5

Not to throw a rather freakish wrench into the discussion of late-in-life white hairs, may I introduce a freak cola I had last time on a CB Diesel plant. The entire plant was done and ready, as a CBD plant I gave it an extra week and BANG FistBud appears. It was a simple (huge) cola like all the rest on the plant but then burst into three other buds with something growing out the front like a new bud just starting…so I had this cola with white hairs on the very end and the whole rest of the plant was done/brown, the trichs all looking great until the 'scope, it was done. Just…this:

BTW FWIW, this plant was my 7 foot indoor beast on the trellis last time; also this plant itself was almost a year old as it was a mother long before it before a plant to smoke. Lots of clones hacked from it, who knows how gentle. Thats all that I can think to add…


Feels weird replying to myself but here is a maybe better view; was trying to explain this to my grow mentor in California…