Is my plant nearly ready

I hope someone is watching if you taking a trip. I personally think sprouting and the first few weeks are the most important time and stay on top watching and babying my babies


Yes I have someone watering everyday but I know my temperature will be a little low , because afraid to turn any type of heat on until home . It was staying around 66


Hows the grow coming along so far??? When they rmailed u back did they ask for u to return the first order of seeds or on them for the f up?? Either way good they r making it right. Ive ordered from there a few times without issues got any pics of the babies or did u start a thread i can tag along on


Awesome I have it like 80/80 in the tent and they are beautiful . First grow so I started what they sent , the. They sent original order. Haven’t had they much luck starting them may have water logged two. Ph ing , if I get 100 grams per plant I’ll be set. Mine are 18 days old . Hopefully no more dealing with others to get it.