Is seed or clone the best for yield?

Alright everyone. Which is best growing from seed or clone?

I’ve been told it’s better to grow from a clone for the yield I thought this was weird!

Yes, if you grew out a plant and it was an amazing female that gave high yields and the bud profile was great…then YOU would want to take some cuttings to clone that plant and keep it. The clones will be EXACT replicas of the mother (yield/quality) so you keep getting great harvests perpetually.

Now buying clones from dispensaries is a different story since you don’t know what mother it came from. If the mother was defective and grew poorly in the environment you plan on growing (indoor or out) you would never know…many dispensaries just don’t care about the quality of their clones too…they’re making $15+ per clone so they just cut away (from my understanding the best “heartiest” clones typically come from the main stem…the breeder would keep these and sell off the crappier cuts)!


With my clones I know exactly what I’m going to get as far as quality and yield, never know what you’re gonna get from seeds. On seed grows, I’m on a mother/pheno hunt to see if any of them is worthy to keep as a clone mom.


I guess with clone you always know what you going to get, whereas with seed you might get a couple different outcomes with different phenotypes.


Thanks for the replies everyone