Is this a male? Please help

Morning Esskayy,

I’m new here so take what I say with a grain of salt.

First, fem seeds should not be male. I’m going to assume you are at 7/7 which would be normal for fem seeds. Let’s take another close look at the questionable one in a day and a half as you say, but I would be hesitant to remove it unless you are really positive. I’ve had bad experiences with getting the wrong seeds before, but Herbies is generally pretty solid. Were they original breeder packs?

Since you have already flipped to flower, you do not want to be too heavy handed with high stress training like topping the plants. But I think you are going to have some height concerns soon.

According to Herbies, lineage is Chem Sis x Sour Diesel x Chocolate Thai

50/50 indica sativa

You are getting some tall plants there, and should expect a significant stretch. Some of the height is due to the lack of blue / white in your light, and also how bright it is (isn’t). We can’t change that right now, but as you get further into this, the difference between the shortest plant and the longest will become worse if you do nothing. The shorter plants will not receive as much light.

I think I would put some buckets under the shorter plants to try to make your canopy even today. Give the shorties the best chance. And I don’t know if you were planning to add a net or trellis, but starting to bend that tall one over and holding it down (low stress training) can also help. Your goal is to have an even canopy when you get to full on flower.

200CM tent height = 78 inches. that means you will have about 60 inches to work with if the light is all the way to the top of the tent (careful of heat / fire). You have about a foot in pot at the bottom, meaning your plants have about 4 feet or 120cm total to finish in. You are getting close to that already on the tall one, still have the stretch to go, and then you will be adding buds on top of that.

You got this, just do a little planning, a little reading on lst, and get in there and make those girls happy.


two things ever grow should have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher :slight_smile:

the house you save may be your own

@Moe.Red very well put

all the best and be safe



Ive had a few that didn’t have pistils for a long time. Was starting to think they were male but ended up female. These were feminized though so i put my faith in the bank. Sure as sh… they flowered. I got some regular seeds next time around so ill have to be more careful but ive had female’s that looked like that before. Maybe has something to do with feminized genetics?


I should have clarified, the two small ones are autos that I thought I’d give a try, they are about 4 weeks old, the big ones are around 9 weeks. I am getting a larger space and light next week to move the large ones into which should give me a bit more room. I will have to try some of these low stress techniques on my next grow! Its been a good learning experience this first try, I really appreciate everyone’s help.


These are from today, still a bit hard to tell for me. What are your thoughts?


Still pretty hard to tell can you find any pistils at all even towards the top?


Mine look similar my guess is you would see something by now. But please dont take my word for it get someone else to weigh in also


It could of hermied?


Ended up being herm, no idea why as it was in the same environment as every other plant from the start. I removed it a week ago hopefully no damage was done to the other plants. It’s now week 3-4 of flower and I think the rest look ok. Would love to have some more help and advice.


Did it herm? Or was it a Male? Do you have a picture of it showing male and female parts at the same time? Or was it just showing male parts? Pictures pictures pictures. Best place to start. It’s been 14 days since your last post. What do you need help with?


It was 100% herm, had nice pistils coming out on every branch and then a node below would be little pollen sacks. I got back from working away and there was one of the sacks open with pollen on a leaf. I’m looking for help with signs of pollination of the other plants


Well, it sounds like you got it pretty quick, so if there’s gonna be any seeds, probably won’t be very many. The damages already done if there is any, I wouldn’t worry too much about it and just grow your stuff. :+1:t3::v:t3:


Words to live by :alien:


Welcome to the forum! It’s great to have you here. It sounds like you’ve been doing great so far with your first grow. It’s always tricky to tell the gender of a plant, especially when you only have one to compare it to. Those photos you’ve attached should be really helpful for us to be able to give you a good answer. I’m sure between all of us, we can figure out what’s going on with your last plant.


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