Is this a male? Please help

I have a small first grow going and have recently switched to 12/12 to start flowering. 6/7 plants are female, the last plant I am having trouble telling. I would like to seperate it from the rest but don’t have another light to keep it going just to make sure. I will attach a few photos photos of it. Hopefully you more experienced growers will be able to tell!


the shot between your thumb maybe , I would let it go a bit longer

how old is the plant?

and it is not like a male flower is problem until there is pollen so giving your

plant a bit of time never hurts

all the best and grow well



@esskayy welcome to the community… as for your plant. I do see what looks like it could be a pollen sack. But i also heard from an old school grower that when those little pistils cross it is an indication of female. So my opinion, you have time before a male would really be a issue. As long as you remove it before pollen sacks burst. So i would give it a few days… if you don’t see any hairs being produced. Ditch it.

Good luck
Good growing.


Concur with @dequilo advice and recommendation.


I’m gonna say male, but also give it time.

take a close up shot right between the stipules, watching for a hairlike pistil to emerge in the next day or 2. No hair, she’s a dude.

Couple of things, since this is your first grow,

6/7 for reg seeds is like a jackpot. Just curious what seeds you used?
The internode spacing is pretty long. If you just switched to flower, you are entering the stretch soon. Have you got room for tall plants? If not, take a shot of the whole growspace and tell us what lights you have and maybe we can help you steer the size and shape of the plant (called morphology) or assist with training and bending to get you the canopy you are looking for?

Congrats on doing so well on your first try! You are a natural at this.


and not staggered why I asked age :slight_smile:


Good point. Pics of the whole plant would help.


so the 6/7 might be a bit suspect

yes that would help a lot :slight_smile:


So what’s your story / specialty @dequilo ?


outside grower working inside for the winter :slight_smile:

started growing 1973 with 80 dollar a kilo Mexican dirt weed seeds

grew outside until 1995 stopped losing too many corps to The Police and the ripper

start inside 2001 and joined OverGrow

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started back 2012 and move outside in 2020

went to a SUNY school and got a AAS in Horticulture/Greenhouse Management in 1977

worked in the field for awhile

moved to Miami 1982 - 3 did Interior Landscaping took care of the Fontainebleau Hilton

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found there is a shit ton more money in the ca cola business

1985 - 1995 was a gangster on a motorcycle in the go fast business

retired in 1995

Now I am a Network/System Engineer for a Large Hedge Fund

I grow for a hobby and my head

also support green care

what you are looking for my friend :slight_smile:

all the best and be safe



went to a SUNY school and got a AAS in Horticulture/Greenhouse Management in 1977

SUNY Morrisville, AAS Electrical Engineering, '87. Then went to RIT in Roch where I grew up for the rest.

What’s greencare?


Green Care medical people in need who cannot grow for whatever reason

Ulster County Community College

started in a Ball and Burlap Nursery digging trees and worked in their Greenhouses doing

bench corps for the florist trade in the winter

was working in a Aluminum Mill in 1997 had 4600 pound fall on me and had to go

back to college at 40

went for computer repair and networking I have a shit load of certs and now I am

an engineer :slight_smile: (years in the field)

still won’t let me drive the train :frowning:

My people are Dairy Farmers from Baldwinsville NY

all the best and grow well



Small world. Caledonia NY. And now we have both given enough info to be doxxxed, and since we are in the field we should know better lol.


Quite the topic of Convo on TCHF, I thought I recognized the nick…Welcome Moe.


I’m trying not to bring any of that in here on my shoe with me.


Not a sweat my friend, I have no clue what went on, nor do I care… Welcome, enjoy the slow pace, drama free enviro., quality peoples and growers.


No Worries My Friend :slight_smile: you will be a great member here I have a feeling :wink:

I found it nice posting with you, you post in complete sentences, use punctuation

you appear to a knowledgeable grower willing to share your experiences of

growing The Weed

without acting as if it is splitting the atom, the plant is not hard to grow if you do not

love it to death

what is hard is growing any plant inside

I just took down 4800+ watts of HIDs because I knew if I left them up I would be using

them if working with LEDs because a struggle

it is all about learning and sharing what you have learn, what work and what

did not

My two cent :slight_smile: but it is great to have another grower here please start a grow thread

all the best and be safe



Thanks growmies, I appreciate the welcome.

@esskayy please forgive the thread derailment.


Sorry I didn’t write back soon I’m away for work for a few days. I got seeds from herbies seed bank, they are feminized Godzilla glue #4. I will be able to have another look in a day and a half and remove it if it is a male or germ. Fingers crossed it isn’t. Grow space is 200cm high, 100cm by 100cm wide. I will attach a pic of the plant im worried about and I will be getting a few cables this week so I can raise the light higher, I still have a bit of room to raise it higher but just need some shorter hanging wires.


how old are your plants 6 weeks or so?

thanks they look good :slight_smile: