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Is this a Male?

I think this might be a male but am I calling it too soon. It is day 2 of flower after spending 6 weeks in veg. What do you guys think?


I don’t see any signs of it being Male


Nor do I.

Usually it takes at least 8 weeks of vegetative growth for a cannabis seedling to reach sexual maturity and begin to show definitive signs of male or female, regardless of cultivar or photoperiod. I anticipate you will be able to make a determination in the next two weeks or so.

Patience will be your virtue, my friend


ten to one that’s going to be a male. Patience, however. One needs to be sure. Even if this plant is a male, it isn’t sufficiently mature to manufacture pollen. Females will show you two “hairs” at the point where you’re now seeing a small ball of growth. Those two “hairs” won’t look anything like that ball in this very early stage of growth.

Patience. Watch closely. You start to see a cluster of “balls” there, yank that sucker.


Thanks guys I’ll be patient and hope for some hairs in the next week or so.

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A new pic of the growth


That looks like a male… notice how there’s something like a little pole and at the end of that you have the bulb shape? (I’ve heard some people describe it as banana shaped) that’s what a male flower starts like.

A female flower is going to have a pistil poking up out of it… there are several good pics over on the ‘show us your bud pics’ thread.

I’ll see if I can get a good picture of some female preflowers for comparison and post them up on this thread…


Yup. That is clearly a male plant.



@macgyver_stoner, this is the thread I drew your attention to the other day.