Is this first sign of hermie?

Just looking for others opinions first grow. Is this the start of a hermie?


All I see is an immature female flower


If this is your first grow I suggest you relax.

Seriously, and it’s not an attack, just relax. You will see all kinds of neat stuff over the next couple months. Not all your leaves will look perfect all the time and it is ok. Don’t try and cater to the plants every whm and desire. Find a program that works for you with regards to water and nutrients, and just stick to it. Honestly, just let it roll, and the lady, or ladies, will adopt to what you are trying to do for them.

Don’t stress it, relax and have fun.


Best advice for a 1st timer that I have read in a long time.


No no I am not going to take anyone’s advice as an attack. It is first grow. Appreciate any input just didn’t want to risk any of the other ladies that will be coming in soon. Only thing that had me worried was if you look closer that part did not have pistils such as the bud sites closer to the top.


Hey @cloudkandy , welcome to GN. All good there, just a happy cannabis plant growing well. Keep us updated and look for signs of balls, not pistils. Post some further pictures if you are uncertain.


Thanks yall, much love. If I have more concerns I will comment on the post. Anyone have any input on crunchy fan leaves i lost some lower ones? I feel I may have been worried about overwatering and may have starved the poor girl for first chunk of its life. That was also a concern is too she may have converted to hermie. But I haven’t seen any actual sacs on those sites honestly kind of looks like a calyx starting but as mentioned not experienced as to why I’m here gathering information from awesome people such as yourselves. Thanks for all the input.


The pollen sacks don’t show up one day and open the next. It takes a week or two at least for the pollen sacks to grow big enough to open. Usually plants that Herm do it later in flowering than this. Not always but mostly. It should be pretty obvious if it happens. :+1:t3:


What I see is two brand new branches starting at the nodes. And to me looks like it’s gonna be a she.



FWIW, if you do a google search on identifying male/female cannabis flower parts, there are LOTs of pictures there
so you can compare !


Hey all yeah it was just simply to early to tell looking as if a girl so far. But on another note… it appears I may be turning this thing around for him. He thanks yall endlessly! Will keep yall posted with some pictures throughout the rest of the process and show yall how it ends up turning out.


My next question for yall is how long to stay in veg from this point it’s about 15 inches total. I think he would like to wrap it up within the next couple months as he wants to redo his area.


Hi mate. And welcome :slight_smile:

A typical vegetative state would be around 6 - 8 weeks. In the end, for a homegrower, it doesn’t really matter and will vary quite a lot due to a number of things:

  • Height restriction: after flipping, a plant can easily stretch 2/3 of its length. Keep that in mind: you dont want flowers kissing the lights :wink:

  • Training: what kind of training do you perform on your plants and how intensive: A heavily trained plant will need a longer veg time to recover. The idea is to fill the whole tent with canopy before flipping to flower after all.

  • …


@MrMonkey420 thanks brother. This plant was severely stunted for quite awhile for numbers of reasons. Had no proper light had no nuts just what was in soil then he transplanted and on top of that used a very small dosage of AN micro grow bloom and burnt his leaves a bit. That’s where I came into play and this is how it looks now. It’s easily over 2 and half months in veg if not 3. I think he has accepted that it isn’t going to yield its true potential in rhe amount of time he would like to wrap it up in. Due to changing his room up and family coming for summer vacation etc.


I also wanted to add: don’t worry too much about training during your first grow(s). I mean, don’t feel obliged. It is even interesting to see how a plant grows, untrained. But if you feel like you want to get in topping, LST’ing, … fine as well.

No worries. Take care of her now, give her what she needs and she will still greatly reward you. Don’t worry about how many weeks… go with the flow and grow mate :wink:


Cut of some lower stuff decided since we were cutting it off anyway so I threw them in some peatmoss after some root powder and see what happens. Why nit so far 24 hours still standing up…

On another note she is looking a lot better then she was…