Is this heat issues

I need a little help, I think this is a temperature issue I checked on the flowers this morning and found the issues shown in the photos. The tent temperature reached 84f , so I have sprayed the plants with water, gave them a watering to hydrate the soil and have got the temp back in the mid 70’s F . So am I doing the correct things or is heat not the problem ?

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@draves67 at those temps heat is not the problem. I think its more a nutrient deficiency you are having or burn ,but your plants look good except for a couple leaves. .Maybe a good idea to check your water pH.


Agreed indoor is ideal between 75 lights off 80 on… what’s feed like?

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Looking good tho

Leaf cupping is definitely a sign of heat stress but 84*F isn’t really that hot so I doubt that the issue. I would check your soil pH and look into some nutrient deficiencies, sulfur is where I would start because of the leaf cupping.

cannabis plants can live in the :desert: without heat stress… and 84 is quite soothing for cannabis… with the lights it’s hard to see the plants and say what could e going on… also… too. much light with do damage… hard to say without knowing details… but. very unlikely to be heat stress.

thats incorrect… depends on your lighting, setup and stage of the plants growth dude!

Check all of the following…and as a general rule keep your temp between 68 and 77 degrees. Check your PH on the nute water 5.8 is about perfect. That is AFTER you add in all your main nutes and supplements if you use them (vitamins humic/fulvic acid, etc.) Looks like it may be a cal/mag deficiency but hard to tell with the burlple light lol. If you have a PH meter, water until you get runoff, then collect that runoff and test the PH on it. If it is high get it down, and same if it is low (not likely). HTH