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Is this Nitrogen Toxicity? Help greatly appreciated!

Long story short I bought 2 sickly clones and I’m trying to save them. Someone suggested that they have nitrogen toxicity. After reading what it is, they probably do have it. Do you think this is nitrogen toxicity? The leaves are dark green and waxy but the tips are yellow/brown and curving. It’s definitely not over watering. They were dry when I got them but whenever I try to water them they will not drink it. They did drink water yesterday because I had them out in direct sunlight.

I have not given them any nutrients in water. I put them in new soil in a bigger pot. At the time I bought the soil, I didn’t know my plants might have nitrogen toxicity. Luckily the main soil I used has no nitrogen in it. So this soil concoction I made, only has a little nitrogen closer to the bottom.

Here’s my issue. I really want to flush these plants to get them more healthy but I can’t because I have the wrong lighting. I bought strong lights but they are not the right kind for plants to absorb properly. I’m in the process of getting the proper lighting but it may take awhile if I have to order it.

  1. Do you think my clones have nitrogen toxicity? (They could have multiple issues)

  2. Should I wait to flush the plants until I have the proper lighting so I don’t drown them? Or are they not drinking the water because I’m not giving them enough?

  3. Anything else I can do to help these little guys? The sun seems to be the biggest healer for them but it keeps getting over cast.

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Those lights are pointed the wrong way. And if there not to hot put them closer.