Is this reveg?

So I had had my babies growing inside for the majority of there vegetative life and when I moved them outside i new I had to have them hidden, so I put them in the forest. But about 2 weeks after that they started to flower. And the sun hours where still increasing for another month before they started to decrease, and that’s when they should of naturally started to flower once the daylight hours decreased, and I’m pretty sure it was the thick forest canopy that blocked out a lot of the sun they was getting and that caused them to flower early. So I didn’t think much of this as this is my first ever grow and decided they the canopy of the forest was getting wayyy to thick so I cut a couple trees down the give them a little Moreno light in the early hours of the day, and outta nowhere I think now the buds have stoped and they are growing veg again, but I’m not 100% sure. Please take a look and see if this is in fact reveg, and if so what kinda of nutes I should be using, as in grow nutes or bloom. Thank you !

Also, 3 out of 4 of my plants started to flower, the 4th one is still in its regular vegetative state. With no signs of early flower

Oh yeah thats 100% re-vegg. I would slowy back off the bloom nutrients for a couple days and just use water. Then slowly bring on the grow nutrients. The plants know whats up. And they need as much light as they can get. IIrc marijuana is one of the highest light requiring plants on earth. The ferrari of plants!!

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So you think they are gonna have trouble transitioning back into flower once the daytime hours do decrease?? How should I go about that process with my circumstances. This is my first time growing ever. Thank you for your help.

They wont have a problem going back to flower. It just takes forever for a plant to revegg.

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Ok , so when day time starts to decrease eventually they will pick up on it and flower again once the daylight gets short enough?around July 25th is when days start to decrease… and hopefully they will flower and have enough time befor it gets too cold to get some nice buds… I’m thinking about moving them from the woods aka there current spot into a open field so they get all the sun they need for now and then when I’m ready for them to flower I’ll put them back Under the forest canopy to cause flower. You think that would be a good idea? @preybird1

Yes pure sunlight is best. They will begin to flower themselves. They have a chemical reaction and can tell when the light starts to get shorter in the days and weeks going into winter.

Yes, it’s reveg.

Yes this is reveg.