Is your growing business insured?

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge this, but, like the question about banking from last week, I want to know how many folks in this industry are actually insured… I feel like there’s a huge gap in our industry and nobody is talking about it! Have you acquired insurance for your workforce, crops, major assets, etc? What hurdles did you have to overcome to become insured? Did you have underwriting issues? How did you triumph? Or are you still walking on eggshells scared for the worst but hoping for the best? @memberdirectory, let’s talk about insurance!



This is a great question… but I would like to ask a follow up question. If you did purchased insurance, did you only buy the minimum coverage as required by the state?

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We had no problems obtaining insurance for the grow. Although crop insurance was offered as part of the package, we declined that coverage. In our case, we felt it was expensive and there were too many exclusions to make it useful. For example, loss of power/loss of HVAC is not covered, also damage due to pests is not covered, the list goes on. Read your policy carefully and check the exclusions.



Great advise… we tell everyone to read their policy to understand what you have coverage for and what is EXCLUDED! Then you (the named Insured) need to make a business decision as to what risks you will transfer and what risks you will self insure.

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I am working on insurance for my retail location. My insurance guy said he could get it over night… Three weeks later we are talking about massive exclusions and still haven’t landed on a plan. Actually, it’s very frustrating. I remolded my entire store by hand, myself, in the amount of time it’s taken to get a insurance policy. ARGG.


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Sorry to hear about your tedious task of finding the right insurance plan to meet the needs of your retail location.

We have over 35 insurance providers that can assist you and possibly meet your needs in a shorter amount of time.

I think @mperkins and @bbennett should jump in on this and inform Jeff of how Sagacious Insurance can provide immediate assistance to him.

Check out this short clip below to see how to find an insurance provider in your area.

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Are you familiar with @GoddessofPhun’s Understanding Captive Insurance - brief overview or Insurance Coverage for Crop Failure, pests, loss of license, and more ?

Feel free to check it out and send her a message if you have any questions!

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