ISO a grower

I have stumbled across an absolutely amazing, life changing way to utilize a particular strain. So much so that I am now writing a book about this, teaching others how to do this & traveling to California in order to conduct more research (I am on the east coast.) I have hit a roadblock that I feel could be quite easy to maneuver should I converse with the right people. The strain I am using is in vape form/lab tested.

Here are my imitate concerns:
A) I do not know how to reach the og producer and/or grower of current strain
B) I feel that it could be easily reproduced in another strain and eventually packaged for specific distribution.

*I have reached out to the distribution company for more information; however, I feel they are too big to see/hear me at this point

*I am open to any/all suggestions

*I would like to make a few contacts before I travel to California (or elsewhere) in a couple of weeks.

Without a nondisclosure agreement in place, I am not able to divulge much.
(For sake of conversation/progression, I do feel I can share the topic without over revealing)
If someone could possibly reach out to me, I would love to discuss this more. I look forward to hearing back.