It will get Hazey here in New York this 2023 outside season ( The Account Killers)

Good Day most of the time I will do just a single thread :slight_smile:

keep what I am doing and my Blah Blah Blah there :wink:

As this is the first time growing a Haze for me and among the handful

of times growing any Sativa at all

I made a handful of different crosses in 2021 using a Sativa crossed to some of

clones of strain/stock that grows well inside with hard buds that would

mold outside in minute

This thread I wanted to grow a Haze here they are

Cuban Missile Crisis - Black Haze X (Old timer Haze x Tom hill haze) EQ Haze

Blizzard Of Oz (Blizzard Bush X EQ Haze)

the bean maker Sunny Valley Seeds

I started 6 of each of these Saturday evening in paper towels and planted

them in drink cups in soil-less on Monday

all six of each popped with nice long tap roots :slight_smile: they looked very strong

I will need to take these outside the First of June in flower to have any hope at

all of finishing 12 to 16 week flower time

I was thinking in one of my drugs induced fantasies I would put them in

big pots, bags, etc. and when the time came just wheel them in on a hand truck

I went out Googled Haze grows and looked at [email protected] monsters

I want to grow those and there is no wheeling, so in the ground they will go

I may need to get a backhoe in as the place I will put them needs some work

been there done that :slight_smile: my place is hard pan, rocks and clay

our spring crops in the gardens here are rocks :frowning: I have been picking rocks

since 1995 and some years have bumper crops

I will have some baby shots soon :wink:

Grow Well and Live



Shotgun! Hell yeah!


In out shake it all about lol I’ll be following along. My Pineapple_Haze Auto isnt doing so good the bag seed.


I have almost finished reading 10 years of a thread about Mexican Landrace grows

mostly Oaxacan

I have a Highland Oaxacan Gold that I should think about growing with these


They are only 9 weeks

I still need to check my health insurance I may need psychosurgery

The Seed is compelling me to grow more


if only I could live to be 1000 years old and grow :slight_smile:

every seed I see would love to grow :frowning:

PURPLE SATELLITE Oaxacan Gold x Nepalese sativa


Snowhigh BlackBerry Spacewreck

perfect #3 and just need to dig them out 65 - 70 day flower need to get these going also

this will be a bit different for me

grow well and live



we can have only have 6 plants :slight_smile: so 6 plants here and 6 plants in my other grow

I am still legal?

Ill eagle is only a sick bird :wink:


Lololol. Poor birdy.


just read a grow of these 211 days start to finish :frowning:

that is a looong time


LOL, that’s damn near a perennial !!


this is all new for me :slight_smile: but I can learn anything if I chose to

I have been reading Haze grow reports/threads all over the net

I have 20 years of account all over and have no problems asking dumb questions

I have been looking at how they prune and what they prune for

most people prune and get a basic shape they want then let it go in flower

they just deal with it at that point

I am going to need 60 days of veg and 60 days of flower/stretching on the way out

the door or these will not even be close to worth while

I have a spot here where they can go and let go wild and not be an eye sore

I have three picked out I should find three more for six plants

they can be grown by my fake grow friend Jose

he only stops by from time to time and leaves all the work to me :wink:

I have a Tom Hill Dump Chunk cross that I would like to grow

I am sure I can come up with with a few more

and then I will have 99


Durban Poison Feminized these are Sativa for #4

need two more


I do have 4 of these seeds from Snow High and they are old :slight_smile:

so am I

Black Berry Space Wreck

(Arcata Trainwreck x Black Russian) X (Acapulco Gold x Cinderella 99)

might as well grow these they are not getting any younger

this is #3


Awesome strain! :ok_hand:


that whole cross is full of fire :slight_smile:


Sounds it as well! I need to find myself a sativa for the summer :sunny:


inside or out?

avoid the 211 day stuff :wink:


Inside brother, its to risky growing outside here :grimacing:


Durban Poison is 60 days :slight_smile:

#5 Chocolate Rain from [email protected]

thanks @PreyBird1 :wink:

and it has Haze in it


Ive just remembered ive got my Pineapple_Haze autos, are theses any good for genetics?

Thanks :blush: I’ll add some sativa and landrace strains to my collection. I collected mostly brand name seeds and 50/50 hybrids or mostly indica dominance. The more am starting to find atrains to suite my needs. This could be a long journey because ALL WEED taste just lovely dont it! The stress of being a stoner lol i need a bong or two to calm down haha :smile: