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Jacana is recruiting for a Greenhouse Manager

We are hiring! We’re currently recruiting for a Greenhouse Manager to join our fast-growing team in Jamaica. Jacana is going through an exciting period of growth as we continue to ramp up our production facilities and expand distribution through our international partner network.

The ideal candidate will possess experience in cannabis cultivation and specifically horticultural duties relating to the planning, preparation and oversight of plant production.

For more information, follow the full job description below or reach out to me directly at [email protected]

Job Description

About Jacana
Jacana is a pioneering global medical cannabis company, harnessing the power of nature to transform lives. Having grown up in Jamaica, its founders saw first-hand how natural medicine could be used to ease pain and suffering, and wanted to help bring this age-old, natural remedy to the rest of the world.

From plant to patient, Jacana is dedicated to producing one of the world’s most natural products, sun-grown in harmony with nature, empowering not just those who use it but also those who grow it. Jacana cultivates, develops and distributes certified medical cannabis internationally and in a historic move, it was the first company to export Jamaican medical cannabis flower internationally, having secured multiple international licenses and permits to date.

By spearheading the world’s fastest growing industry, Jacana is transforming what was once an unregulated market, into a powerful solution for patients around the world. Using the highest quality, outdoor-grown cannabis – Jacana is bringing its therapeutic properties to people in need with certified medical cannabis – all with a strong focus on provenance, sustainability and R&D.

A global company with teams in Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Jacana is the world leader in the outdoor cultivation of medical cannabis. This is currently being naturally grown at Jacana’s flagship 4.4 million square foot farm in St Ann, Jamaica. The unique microclimate and latitude create perfect conditions for the plants, which are watered by the natural source of the White River that runs through the farm.


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This sounds like an amazing opportunity! Highly tempted to apply myself. Let me know if you guys are looking for growing container options. Even if you are growing directly in ground, our Smart Pots transplanters will greatly speed up your veg process while keeping the roots from circling.

Eric O
Smart Pots


Hi Eric,

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for further questions on the role. I’ll pass information across regarding the Smart Pots to our operations team for further review.