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JOB ALERT: Associate Cultivator- Des Moines, Iowa- MedPharm Iowa

MedPharm Iowa is seeking an Associate Cultivator for the Des Moines, Iowa operation. This job opportunity is for those with a Bachelor’s degree and 2+ years of experience in a commercial grow operation.

For the full job description see the attached.

TO APPLY: Send your resume to [email protected] and reference “Associate Cultivator” in the subject. Or you may submit your interest via our HortJobs listing which will be accepting resumes until February 14th 2018.

Any questions you may have can be submitted to the above email as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

MPI Associate Cultivator 1.30.18.pdf (176.3 KB)



This is perfect, thank you so much for sharing with our community! We’re actually very actively working on building out a way to bring on cannabis industry job seekers and make a more convenient path for both hiring companies and those seeking employment to make connections!

I’ll be sure to share this with anyone I know that would be a good fit!

@HempStaff , would you be able to assist?

Hello, my name is James Yagielo, the CEO of HempStaff, LLC

HempStaff was founded in April 2014, and we quickly became the industry leader in medical marijuana recruiting and dispensary training. To date HempStaff has helped thousands get jobs in the cannabis industry and has trained over 3600 students to work in a marijuana dispensary in 18 states.

If you are a licensed cannabis company looking for employees, an experience cannabis employee looking for a new job, or an inexperience candidate looking for training, contact us to see how we can assist you!

Get more information at our website www.hempstaff.com2
Email us at [email protected]
or give us a call 9-5 PM EST Mon-Fri @ 855-MMJ-JOBS

Sounds like a great idea, we would be willing to assist, what exactly would you need form us?


Thanks Jordan!

It would be awesome of you to share this with your own personal network. This is a great opportunity to be part of a startup. We are the trailblazers in Iowa and are eager to get our founding team members on board. It’s a pleasure to be a part of your growing community you guys have going here.


Hey there!

MedPharm Iowa is currently trying to source our team members organically. However, if we run in to not reaching the right audience of candidates, we may reach out to utilize your services. We could go over the details at that time :sunglasses:

Thanks for making the connection @Jordan


There’s a pretty steady inquiry from job seekers looking for work that message us, e-mail us, etc. I live in Colorado and even some of the industry job boards are filled with people looking for work, out of work, etc.

I’m going to tag in our master growers that self-identified themselves as commercial cultivators @mastergrowers , that will send an alert out to about 111 growers registered on the site.

I’m also going to tag in our registered grow operation owners and employees (@growopowners , @GrowOpEmployees) to see if anyone would know of anyone in your state looking for work that may be qualified.

There should be some more eyeballs looking at this request soon enough!


I envision the Growers Network online job fair! The trimming season around here gets CRAZY for example (high turn-over rates, unfulfilled promises and obligations, etc.) Finding ways to not only get the bodies to fill the spaces but qualified workers. Training for workers. Resources for workers to have representation when things go wrong (the cannabis industry, as regulated and licensed as it is, is still very much the wild west depending on where you go.)

Let’s have a chat on the phone sometime James, I don’t want to take away from the intent of Christopher’s post of wanting to find a qualified employee.

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Hi Jordan

I really like to get in touch with medpharmia , I think we have a lot of synergy between us and we could perhaps collaborate in the near future.

Let me know what you think

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