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Join our friends Urban-gro at the USCC Expo in Phoenix Oct 4-6!

Hello GN Colleagues, if you’re in the Phoenix area, join our friends Urban-gro at the USCC Expo in Phoenix Oct 5-6! Make sure to stop by and talk with Mike @Mike_Urbangro! They will be displaying the BIOS Lighting LED grow lights in their booth #321 and will answer questions about the Icarus Gi2, Icarus Vi, and the new Icarus Ti toplight/greenhouse fixture.

You can reach out to Urban-gro with questions or to set up an appointment here!
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Booth 321

Visit Us on the Expo Floor

Stop by booth 321 to see how urban-gro’s systems integration and smart ag tech can help you automate your facility, manage costs, and increase yields.

Book a 15-Minute Meeting


Meet Your Regional Rep

Mike McGrew

Mike works with cultivators throughout the southwest, mountain west, and midwest regions to optimize their facilities. From designs that maximize square footage, to proper equipment selection, to ongoing competitiveness and compliance—he understands the regulations and opportunities unique to the region.

Reach out to Mike here: @Mike_Urbangro

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly salespeople too!
Kenneth @BIOS_Lighting_KA and Jennifer @BIOS_Lighting_JL