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JOTI Jordan of the Islands ๐ŸŒด Black Cookies

Popped 7 beans I see 3 females for sure, canโ€™t tell with the last one yet, removed 3 males so far, but all have nice purpling in the stems and look quite uniform. These are Black Cookies from sent a bunch of freebies also, very good service!

Running the stems has a nice sweet scent :slight_smile:

Vegging in the micro tent :tent:

Will post some updates later.


Sounds super tasty love BB kush I can see it in the wide leaves u got going there.hopefully u get one w the sweet n sour taste I got from one of my BB kush, u will love it :wink:


Moved to cooler pots!


Oi oi

Alien :alien: pots, canna coco, AN nutes, next week in switching to Mantis buffered nutes

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