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Jtobidon First Grow

@Ladithief Interesting! always learning something new here on GN! Thank you! Some of your posts and grows are amazing, I’ve definitely learned a lot from you and many of the members on here. Any tips or suggestions to helping me improve my grow would be greatly appreciated!

This is my veg tent

Would I be able to start training these and hopefully once the flower tent is done harvesting, i’ll be able to clean and move these in for veg

@jtobidon, welcome to GN and a great start to your journey on here. Amazing journal, loved the pictures and you grew this from bagseed!! Wonderful. I think you should pat yourself on the back and gift yourself with some good seeds. You doing a great job and your journal is fantastic. I like the artistry in your last image, very cool.


Welcome @jtobidon. Looks like you have a pretty good understanding of this magical plant we all strive to grow. Keep up the good work

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Thank you @chrisj & @happyhippy for the welcome! I am still learning and hoping to have a successful first time harvest & better understand my grow.

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9/4/2020 Update:

Currently going onto week 5 of flowering 12/12. Some buds are fattening up but some aren’t progressing much. Was wondering if I can get some help regarding fan leaves turning color and some are dying. I’m currently using General Organics and following half of recommended dilution. Are they under nutrients or possibly over? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance!

Garden related:
My pomogranate tree needed to be trimmed and harvested.
Easy Part

…Yeah I’ve got a long way to go

Juicing all that took less than 5 mins HAHA

Stay safe & healthy all!


I do 1oz prime bud to 500mg/ml hemp seed oil or coconut oil… coconut oil can be hard on the guts though… and be sure to use lecithin in your mix…


9/15 Update: Going onto week 6 flowering & Sous Vide marijuan infused coconut oil canna caps.

Going onto week 6 flowering, not sure why leaves are turning and dying, i’ve been off nutrient feed for a week and only watering. Yeah, I live in Socal & i don’t PH my water, I use a pressure pump to water so nutes are incorporated in h20.

Since this was the first grow, and I didn’t have any larger pots to transplant and wanted to just give it a test run since I had many clone clippings propagating. For sure for the next grow, I NEED TO TRANSPLANT THEM into much Larger pots. However, not much yield but the flowering looks nice. I am surprise I’ve gone this far actually…

Need help on advise what’s going on with my plant… thanks in advance!

On another note…

I’ve did some search on GN and came across post by @Ladithief Ladithef CannaButter! awesome post btw! I’ve worked in the food industry for 15+years ranging from marketing sales, product management & 8 years BOH in fine dining. Sou vide has been something i’ve always wanted to try in conjunction with marijuana consumption.

Here is a journal log of my 1st Trial at making canna caps.

First, I grind up 10grams weed & then used a food saver to airtight vacuumed sealed.

Set my Joel sou vide to 203F for 90 mins to decarb .

Incorporated coconut oil & decarb 10g weed into mason jar and finger tight seal and immerse into waterbath.

Removed after two hours to see the infusion.

Strained through cheesecloth or canning cloth and I used my orange juicer to squeeze out any excess oil remaining inside.

Dark green marijuana infused coconut oil

Hand syringed into size “0” capsules and made 6 first to test out dosage and potency.


Got the new batch decarb & back into oil infusion for another 4 hours, I set the temp to 203F this time.

I will start off with half jar filled & see how these feels :slight_smile:

Stay Safe & Healthy~!

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I’m currently adding 18g more, making it 1oz to this recipe & infusing the oil for another 4 hours, my wife used to take lecithin supplements during times when she was nursing our boys, just curious how does lecithin affect the oil infusion?

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You two are on a whole nother level. You guys are super awesome!!!
We need more rso and cannaoils here. Its mass produced and garbage unless you have a friend who’s on point like you two…


Thank you @slym3r! I’m also learning as I’m going haha. This is my first trial test Sou vide decarb & infusion and honestly it was fully smell proof during the whole processing (grinding, transferring/sealing/removing into jar was probably the only time you get a whip of herbs, other than that after the coconut oil infusion, I strained through cheesecloth and squeezed thru my orange hand juicer, literally it smelled great!) Next time I will adjust and make new adjustment for a second trial test. I’m open to suggestions and questions or to just have a great chat!

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@preybird1 why did the leaves turn pink?


All cannabis will have colors. Once its ripe the leaves will also be eaten by the plant. But at certain temperatures the plant changes tonits final colors as it finishes flowering. Some people harvest to soon. Leaf coloring is a good sighn the plant is truly finished ir ready to harvest. The more grows you complete you will see this more. And some plants its the genetics.


Sorry to ask directly @preybird1, so with my plants leaves turning color, does that mean I can harvest or near harvest time? I’ve notice some white hairs still on flowers but some have turned amber. I’ve came across several forums you mentioned ozone generator, I was wondering what would you recommend? Thank you in advance! any help would be greatly appreciated!



  1. Question about harvesting. No hairs being done does not indicate ripeness. You need to look at the trichromes with a digital microscope $26 amazon. Or a jewlers eye and look at the glittery crystals for those to have milky or semi amber or full amber colors.

For ozone gens now dont freak out these ARE EXPENSIVE AND COMMERCIAL GRADE.
Read my review!


@preybird1 I will try and upload photos later today, thank you on the ozone recommendation I will definitely look into this and this chart will help a lot!

The purple and black strains are my favourite after the cold and a good frost hit them… they are amazingly purple or black… the orange strains are beautiful but not my favourite to ingest…


UPDATE 9/19/2020


looking good. Getting there. The last bit is the worst waiting is so hard. Then you have to dry it out haha more waiting lol.


I am having that same thing happening to my leaves and some are dying off… Should i be worried?? Thanks in advance for the knowledge. :+1:

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