July's survey winner!

Hey there GN community. I would like to say thank you on this Thursday to all of our members who provided feedback on our satisfaction survey!!!

We’ve received some great feedback regarding member experiences in the community. Because of that, all of our participating members were entered for a chance to win a Sun System 1 LEC Brand 315 Etelligent Compatible Ballast - 120-240 Volt.

One lucky member was chosen and today is the day to announce the winner. Why, because it’s… Thank You Thursday! :blush:

Drum roll please :drum:…The winner is: @myfriendis410

:tada: Congratulations to Alan from the GN Team!!!

Take a look at some of the feedback we received:

  • “Giving you feedback was such a pleasure, and it took me about 30 sec.”

  • “The information here is awesome and I would recommend it to any looking for a forum with vast knowledge.”

  • “Very informative network. Love Cannacribs.”

  • “It is a wonderful place to gain knowledge and sense of community.”

  • “The group is very informative, helpful and all around great human beings.”

  • “Where do I begin. The tightness of the whole forum. Everyone is so respectful, caring, eager to share what they know, there’s a job board, multiple rooms and topics. Awesome. .”

  • “Quality of community members - good attitudes, no or very few trolls. Good content and vibe.”

Can you relate to some of this feedback? Tell us about your experience, HERE. All feedback is good feedback! We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for being members of Growers Network! :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:




I told him yesterday, he asked for a tag but then told me he had it, lol, guess he didn’t.


Thank you @covertgrower and @pomeroymc !! Alan is aware of his win and has reached out to claim his prize. :tada: :gift: :smile:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy growing!


I had only seen the PM. Thanks for the tag, James! And thank you for the heads up Cheryl! Been a busy week.

This was very nice and very unexpected so thanks to GN!


Any time! Gotta look out for our fellow growers!


Especially winning ones!

Congrats again, Al! @myfriendis410


Congratulations! Nice to see a friendly face win that!