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Just Popped, Mixed Beans INDG

These beans just popped thought I’d share the start of a new journey. Is it too soon to have them under a 600w LED Light . These beans are from me collecting so it should be about 3 different strains 2 very few and 1 a lot here hoping so for a good go at it!!! Seedlings are growing in rock wool right now. I actually germinated them in using water then the paper towel method… initially was gonna do a soil grow but thought I’d give the rock wool a shot… both videos are from day 3 one was in the morning, the other (w/ the temp and humidity) the evening Uploading: AE8AFBA6-69DD-47DF-A6D5-3925DD63DD59.MP4… Feed Back & Thoughts pls

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Be sure to wait until the picture is finished uploading. But congrats!


Update these seedlings :seedling: just about ready to go into veg how we doing so far? … day 13 from seed Temp Running steady between 70-73 degrees watering them every other day humidity holding steady between 50-60% under 600w LED Uploading: 9A3D8342-B1C3-48E8-9E4C-0B4CC468F953.jpeg…