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Just want your opinion on my plants and any advice. Cannabis weed pot marijuana indoors

i only flowered for two weeks and topped them a couple times on each of them and now they are in flower on there 4th week and i feed them twice a day about 150 ml each feed with fish weed nutrients. they are under 600w lamps humidity stays around 45 to 50 and temp when its dark is about 23 degrees and 30 degrees in the light . i have air supplied via ducting from out my window with a filter on the end to help prevent bugs in the tent .and maybe roughly how much u think each plant may preduce if you are good at making that judgment off what u see. this is my 1st time


Looks good! I usually figure about 1 ounce per square foot of plant. Looks like your plants might be covering about 2ft² each. It


Looks good.Fill that space


Raise humidty and use VPD Chart as a guide both day and night. Temp sensors should be right at canapy level especially with HPS.
HPS makes true color of plants non existent. Not being able to read and see what the color of the leaves is like being blind when gardening.
Kyle M.


@FarmerK 45-50% RH with 23-30°c puts him between 1.3 -1.6 VPD, assuming leaf temperature is 2°c below room temp. At half way through flower that’s ok, as long as watering and feeding is keeping up.


Dude at 86F 50% humidty your nuts under HPS.
Not sure if the grower is giving us accurate info or if the sensors are at canapy level.

Kyle M

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Thanks for the info!!!

Light leak. Or some light interruption