Keep your grow rooms and laboratories clean

We make putting shoe covers on faster, easier, and safer.™

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Our business and high volume-packaged shoe covers are for your clean rooms, labs, manufacturing plants or factories that require quality shoe booties. Here you will find bundles of disposable booties for use in our Shoe Inn Fusion and Stay automatic shoe cover dispensers in nearly any type of industrial or commercial application, like the oil and tar sands industries. Bundles range from 70 to 110 shoe booties, depending on the type of shoe cover. These disposable booties have different characteristics in terms of durability, traction, and waterproofness, as indicated in the product descriptions and the comparison chart. We invite you to find your perfect disposable shoe covers today.

Super Shoe Covers (7SUP-80HC) Case of 1,200

List Price: $579.00

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Fabric Shoe Covers with Traction (7FWT-100HC) Case of 1,500

List Price: $414.00

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Yellow Fabric Shoe Covers with Traction (7FWT-80CS-Yellow) Case of 2,400

List Price: $744.00

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keeping as clean as possible is the only way.


Any one still using Green Shield

Quinolone salts for any Europeans wondering.

Nice thing is they are biodegradable.

We used the stuff to clean everything.
You can kill alga in your swamp cooler water.

Way more easy to use than steam.

I have washed plant in it. Not labeled for that use. Don’t do it for anything you sell. But great way to cleanup everything.

They have an almost the same active ingredient for a number hospital and food service products.

LabClean is another product that is a quinolone salt.

There is a quinolone salt product for pig farms. I think That the slogan is “Get the stink out of your farm. Not the pigs out of the Business.”


When im doing deep clean. I use Surgical scrub to wash EVERYTHING. Daily cleaning if far less intense. I usually dont have issues. The less the grow room is opened. and the least amoumt of traffic the better. We as humans are the ones bringing in the harmful microbes


I totally agree.

We where just clean freaks. We had a zero policy on tobacco use without, washing face and hands before entering our clean area. We also where supper protective of the propagation area. No visitors who had been in a greenhouse in the last 24 hours.

We also had boot washing station at every doorway to every section.

One super grower, Bob oglevy, had air doors on his tissue lab. Everything I learned the most practical cleaning ideas from him. He was big enough to afford a full time cleaners. Yes plural. The people where hired for there cleaning abilities.


I hardly ever go into my small laboratory, so I clean it about once every two weeks. Although it’s probably better to start cleaning once a week. How do you clean your grass? My friends don’t tell me much about how to clean the grass, although I have heard that some use special liquids to improve the quality of the grass. Perhaps you know something about it?