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Key Man Life Insurance for a Cannabis Business is now available

Key Man Life Insurance for a Cannabis Business is now available.

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CannaLife Insurance Agency works with a 420-friendly insurer that will do a ‘Key Man’ policy (life insurance owned by the business and on the life of a ‘key’ employee) on a cannabis owner or executive.

Also, they will look at a ‘buy-sell’ arrangement but that would be on

individual consideration. This is the first time I have been able to make this statement! Very exciting times. This has been on the wish list of many of our cannabis business clients for a few years now. So glad we can now deliver in most instances.

Also, the every day user of cannabis products can now get life insurance with admitted Cannabis Use. The same for a cannabis business owner.

For a confidential quote call Ken at 877-468-6584. 30+ years experience, the knowledge & connections to get the job done! CannaLife Insurance Agency was founded in May 2016 to assist the cannabis user and business owner with various financial products and solutions. If this is not for you but you know someone who may benefit from the above, please share and forward to them. Thank you.