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Kickstarter JUST went live for wireless monitoring / automation- heads up for GrowersNetwork members

Hi there,
after meeting the good folks from Growers Network at Seattle’s CannaCon (and them kindly looking after our gear) we mentioned letting GrowersHouse members know before anyone else about when the Motorleaf kickstarter goes live.
kickstarter page for Motorleaf

I hate to start our posts with a shameless plug for Motorleaf, but honestly - if you like what we’ve been working on the past year - these prices are the lowest you’ll ever see - so jump in now.

I hope you can see the value in what we provide- and if you have questions - please call us or email is vi our site.

Wishing everyone a super Friday - Ally Monk - CEO - Motorleaf


Thanks for letting us know about the kickstarter. Looks like a kick-ass project!

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Very cool product Monk. Good luck with your Kickstarter campaign! No shame in promoting a new business and most would call that good marketing. Cannatech Group is based in the Northeast, just outside NYC, about 5 hrs drive from Montreal. As we provide IT (connectivity, remote access, wireless networking, etc.) for the cannabis industry, I can see some synergy between our respective products and services. Check us out and if you think it makes sense, let’s setup a call sometime. From time to time, I do find myself in the Montreal area and it would be great to reach out to you guys then as well. Best, Geoff


I hate to ask, but why a $3,816 goal? Seems like an awfully specific number.

5000 Canadian dollars :smiley:

A bit low indeed.


they already raised 685K through AG funder - don’t think they need the kickstarter funds.

hey - thanks for the questions. We don’t need the funds to ship products. We’re using an agency that’s handling most of our Kickstarter project - so a low goal was decided. It was supposed to all be in USD, but last min was changed to Canadian - so the goal should be 5K USD but in CND $. Our mistake for not changing it.
Theo is correct - we have raised private capital (and actually more than is shown on AgFunder). We want as many new growers to deploy ASAP, get feedback and try our new Grow Journal - it’s really something special people have not seen before, so wanted Kickstarter to be the platform to launch it.

Time will tell if our agency will come through and drive enough traffic <biting nails and keeping fingers crossed!>



Looks very promising Ally.


Ally I suppose though you are talking TDS instead of TDC, right? Is that in ec or ppm? Can that steer the driplet?


yes it should say TDS, and yes - ppm
If connected to a DRIPLET - you can then automate PH up/down and Nutrient A/B solutions.

additional specs:

pH readings from 0.001 – 14.000, accuracy 0.02.
1point, 2point and 3point calibration. Annual recalibration
TDS readings from 0 – 3000 ppm, accuracy
2%.Temperature compensated readings at 1point,
2point calibration.
Temperature readings from -20C – 133C,
accuracy 1C.
Submersible, watertight, non-reactive.
Water Level Readings from 0 – 100%. Accuracy
1%. Low high level calibration


Thanks! If you move to ec you win me over :wink:

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Glad to hear you have other funding as well - funding is one of those things where it’s better to go for higher rather than lower. You can always keep cash in the bank for emergencies but if you are underfunded then it’s a struggle to get more. I’ve heard that a lot of times Kickstarter campaigns are used as much for the validation of market demand as they are for capital. If you can get a sufficient number of backers then that is proof you can take to other funding sources that there is a market demand for your product.

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How do you automate shaking the A/B constituents?

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If I understand your question correctly:
The DROPLET has probes in the water reservoir tank, sending readings each 4 seconds to the HEART unit.
The HEART unit communicates to the DRIPLET, which has 4 peristaltic pumps. You put the tubes from the DRIPLET into PH up/PH down, Nutrient A, Nutrient B - and it doses automatically, turning off when the desired set points are reached.

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What Joe meant to say is that before dosing nutrients, manufacturers recommend to shake the bottles. With a steady bottle that doesn’t happen of course. In horticulture they usually use single nutrients and mix them all together, so that doesn’t happen there.

Joe, if you are afraid of your nutrients not being mixed well enough, put a magnetic stirrer in there ;). I don’t think it is a big problem with basic A&B.

However… if I want to dose more than 2 components, can I attach a second droplet for the additives? (Mg, PK for example).

The best way IMHO to measure the concentration of your nutrients solution is ec, not ppm. There are several ppm standards.

Here is a good article in 420 magazine.

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I would very strongly suggest to re-calibrate continuously used pH probes much more often!

pH stands for potential of hydrogen, hence the capital H.

How does the water level probe work? Haven’t seen it explained other than 0-100%.

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for the pH probe, it’s industrial grade (and therefore not cheap) - we use Atlas Scientific
You can recalibrate whenever you wish, but in over a 18+ months of our testing, it’s been great.
for the water level:


Sounds good. E-tape is a great solution.

I would still recommend to check the probe more often. Accuracy specifications for ph probes are always after calibration. The ph of the solution has a lot of influence on the continuing accuracy. Fortunately most nutrient solutions are not that acidic, but still. It’s one of your most important measurements together with ec. It can literally kill all your plants when you dose inaccurately. Even a dirty probe can cause different readings. When a probe is built-in this is often overlooked.

I calibrated my Hannah continuous meter every month at least.

I would recommend to have a circulation pump switched on in the tank during the dosage. that probably can easily be programmed.