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KIND LED and Gorrilla Tents?

What is peoples take on Kind led and Gorilla grow? I am looking to pick up distribution of 1 major distributor of lights and tents. But I only want the “best” or best value. Any experience with these? If so I get a major discount if anyone needs. I am more of outdoors guy. thanks for the help

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Gorilla Grow tents are the best, but I’m not sure I would call them the best value, per se. There are value tents at 1/3 to 1/2 the price.

Kind LED makes a lot of claims about their lights that just don’t hold up from what I’ve seen. Specific example would be their UV claims. I’ve got a Blackdog and a Fluence. I honestly would recommend the Fluence over any other LED fixture.


@Jason.Back sorry for the late response. Thank you all for the info !!