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King City California- The Silicon Valley of Cannabis?! BIG TAX BENEFITS!

Why Invest in King City? Because it is one of the few places you can get
a legal license to operate today in 2017 and for the next year.
When considering investing in cannabis or growing a cannabis
business with a state license you will need a local license first.
You should also consider the following when locating your
Cannabis Business in California.
β€’ Does the Local government support the industry?
Yes, from the Mayor, all Councilmembers, City Manager,
Police Chief, City Attorney, staff all have been amazingly
supportive of the legal industry.
β€’ Do they have a legal ordinance passed?
Consulting Capitol
Consulting Capitol
Yes, they have since February of 2016 and they have
(constantly passed multiple updates to stay in line with ever
changing state law) King City is one of the few places with a
legal ordinance.
β€’ How long does it take to get a license there?
The permit/license process in King City with the help of a
good team of consultants can be as fast as 2 to 3 months if
you know what you are doing. Try that somewhere else.
β€’ Are the local cannabis tax rates fair or low?
The council decided earlier on they would not do a sales tax.
All local cannabis taxes are flat. The manufacturing tax is
the lowest in the state at $30,000 a year flat AND THERE IS
ZERO local cannabis tax for distribution.
β€’ Can I get water and power in a timely fashion?
Yes, per the EIR the city has adequate water and power to
support the industry. Of course, it is always advisable that
for any project needing new power or water that you apply
as early as possible.
β€’ Does local law enforcement support the legal industry?
Yes, the Police Chief supports the legal industry as does the
Monterey County Sheriff who was born in King City.
Many areas in California are in the initial stages of adopting an
Ordinance to allow these licensed businesses but anyone with a
keen understanding of California development and land use
practices realizes that places like the city of Los Angeles, Santa
Barbara County, Calaveras County, and so many others are not
even licensing anyone yet let alone have a legal ordinance in
place. It takes local governments generally a very long time (
Consulting Capitol
Consulting Capitol
year to 2 years) to formally adopt an ordinance and even once
that is done a process to apply for a local permit or license can
take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. And there will be a
learning curve for most local governments on licensing so
factor that into the time it will take. But not in King City.
Your time is your money in this industry. Those who have a
license in 2017 will have a distinct competitive advantage over
others that do not. Combine that with King City’s low local
cannabis taxes, plus business-friendly local government you
can be in business legally quicker here than most anywhere else
in California. The time is now.
"We want King City to be the Silicon Valley of California Cannabis."
King City Mayor Mike LeBarre
Monterey County Weekly writes about how King City is King of Cannabis
in Monterey County - King City has already approved 17 cannabis licenses
for cultivation, manufacturing and nursery. Compare that to Monterey County
who started a year ahead of King City and has only approved 1 cannabis license
to date.
See Article:
Consulting Capitol
Consulting Capitol
Recently Approved:
On October 17, 2017, King City Planning Commission hearing
the city approved five different Cannabis operations totaling 16
cannabis licenses.
6 - Type 3B cultivation permits, 1 – Type 3A cultivation
permits, 1 – Type 4 Nursery permit, 5 – Type 7 volatile
Manufacturing permits, and 3 Type 11 Distributor permits. For
a total of 16 cannabis licenses.
On December 5, 2017, King City Planning Commission hearing
the city approved two cannabis operations totaling 6 cannabis
2 – Type 7 volatile Manufacturing permits, 2 Type 11
Distribution permits, 1 Type 3B cultivation permit and 1 Type 4
Nursery permit.
King City currently allows for the following permitted Cannabis
Business activity:
Type 2A = Cultivation; Indoor; Small 5,001 – 10,000 sq. ft.
Type 2B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Small 5,001 – 10,000 sq. ft.
Type 3A = Cultivation; Indoor; Medium; 10,001 – 22,000 sq. ft.
Type 3B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; 10,001 – 22,000 sq. ft.
Type 4 = Nursery; in King City, a Nursery can be from 5,000 to a max of
25,000 sq. ft.
Type 6 = Manufacturer 1; nonvolatile extraction mainly C02
Consulting Capitol
Consulting Capitol
Type 7 = Manufacturer 2; volatile extraction – all types, including volatile
extraction types like ethanol and butane.
Type 8 = Testing
Type 11 = Distributer; allows you to sell and transport cannabis.
Type 12 = Microbusiness license
Overall allowances:
Cultivation & Nursery – King City will permit up to 1,350,000 sq. ft. of
cultivation in the cities cannabis industrial zones.
Manufacturing permits – allows for up to 10 licenses.
Testing permits – allows for up to 2 licenses.
King City Tax Rate effective 2017 – 2020:
β€’ Manufacturing and Testing taxed at a flat-rate of $30,000 a year
per permit. (lowest in the state)
β€’ Distribution is not taxed.
β€’ Cultivation taxed at $25 for first 5,000 sq. ft. and $10 after,
meaning tax rate per 22,000 sq. ft. type 3A or 3B license is $13.40
(one of the overall lowest in state) And Council planning to
update tax to reflect rest of the state which means they will lower

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