Kyle Kushman FRAUD

Has anyone got ripped off from Kyle kushman he stole 2850 from me. The homegrowncannabisco. never responded to any of my concerns as well regarding the fraud

There have been some who love him and swear by him and others who don’t

I know you posted because you are upset. But I don’t understand “HOW” he did it?? I have purchased seeds from him but they didn’t cost that much??

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I have a hard time believing that I’m srry, did ur bitcoin get investigated or something more understandable.i talk w him and know lots of his close buddies and partners they are not they type to rip ppl off, just too far up the food chain. My sponsor is close w him and I guarantee he would drop him if he was any type of fraud…


I’m probably wrong but are a seed seller?

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@chrisj need some advice

$2850? Holy shit! Must be nice to have $2850 to spend on seeds. Some can barely get $100 together at seed buying time. Thank you for the input @hoppiefrog.

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