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Lab-grown Terpenes & cannabinoids

This is quite amazing and though I’m usually not very supportive of petri-dish derived anything, (or Bayer) but I see the benefit in being able to produce some of the less known but highly medicinal terpenes and cannabinoids. Also, this will possibly and inevitably lead the way to more studies.


Have any @ProcessorOwners, @LabOwner, or @LabEmployees ever used these lab-derived terpenes?

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We have not


This is inevitable. If you believe that cannabis compounds have legitimate medial applications, and by all accounts you should, pharmaceutical companies are going to capitalize. They are going to identify the specific compounds that work for specific conditions and create pills with a consistent dose and a consistent effect. It will be much more cost effective to produce these desirable compounds in the lab rather than by growing an entire plant. This is especially true if the desired compounds are not the major cannabinoids or terpenes. Think about it, the active compound in Asprin came from willow bark. Bayer doesn’t have a grove of willow trees.


As long as we can still grow our own, I’m okay with it.