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Laboratory Owners, we would like your help! (LIMS)

Dear @LabOwner,

some of you might know me from co-authoring PharmWare LIMS. I’ve definitely discussed and met some of you at conferences and events. In this group of 66 colleagues, I even recognize some active users of our product.

CannabisLIMS :: LabFlow is our latest brainchild. Soon to be entering the alpha stage of the release process, it absolutely puts PharmWare to shame!

LabFlow is the culmination of ten years of hands-on experience, precious feedback from dozens of scientists and a few painful mistakes.

Those that work with us know that at AINZ, Corp. we have a customer success-obsessed mindset, and therefore we want to showcase our software interpretation of the batching/QC/review/reporting process within the new LIMS and gather feedback.

Our mission is to defeat the laboratory bottleneck and max out everyone’s instrument throughput.

We are a small, profitable company free from investors making decisions for us, with a single product to focus on.

Please, sign up for the Software DEMO :arrow_upper_left: (and mention growersnetwork). It will be a quick walkthrough of the app, followed by Q&A and access to the demo for the attendants.

If you decided to offer any feedback to improve LabFlow and decided to adopt it for your laboratory, I will personally negotiate a discounted subscription plan.

Thank you,


Any @LabOwners or @ProcessorOwners want to get hooked up? any @LabEmployees or @ProcessorEmployees want some new gear? Let’s help out @AINZ_Corp. This sounds like some great software!