I’m currently researching about lacewings. Has anyone ever used them and with what kind of results?


Lacewings can be a very effective predator species. What pest are you dealing with?

Calling @ARBICO for the lacewing hookup!

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I have never bought them , but i have them in the garden . They are much better predators then predatory mites, much bigger then the mites, move fast and eat a lot . Downside is that the larvae phase is short so once they become adults they stop to feed with mites. My personal opinion for big grow operations introducing beneficial insects is waste of money and time , especially for mites .If you not growing in control environment forget about eliminating spider mites , you can just control them , they are everywhere around your growing operation . I would like to see study how spider mites affect yield , personally i havent notice there is a difference when i have bigger or no infestation of spider mites , and i have never seen or heard from a grower that i know that they lost plant bc of spider mites , and most of the site they claim that mites plant can kill overnight :confused: Of course they do harm , but not to that level like people talk .


This looks like a lacewing and is causing a lot o havoc in the North East. Hope it doesn’t have an appetite for marijuana or Hemp !

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I will be useing them for aphids

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I’ll send you a DM with some recommendations.

Let us know how it goes? Pics please?

Here’s an interesting article that may help in your approach to the use of lacewings.

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