Large Scale Hemp Drying Problem Solved

How do you plan on drying large amounts of hemp this fall?

Hang Dry…what about your dry time, area required and potential for mold between harvest and dry?
Freeze Dry…what about your limited space, high equipment cost or cellular plant degradation?
Heat/Microwave Dry…this seems to be a viable alternative many are using but this method also has reservations including machinery costs, space required and operational expenses.

My team at American Cannabis Company has teamed with Protein Solutions Group to bring to market a rapid dehydration product known as Organi-Dry which is a food-based organic protein solution. PSG along with ACC has developed a unique and organic drying process that not only dries hemp or marijuana within a day but also preserves the Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles during the preservation/dehydration process.

This may sound like smoke and mirrors but our team has conducted our due diligence for Organi-Dry and its’ complimentary product known as Proti-Dry only to find they work just as described. In our most recent beta test, we had a Colorado MJ crop taken down on the evening of Sunday, July 28th. On the next morning at 9 a.m, the harvested buds were sprayed with Organi-Dry at our offices in Denver, placed in a climate controlled tent with <40% humidity with good air flow. The following morning upon opening the tent we found the harvest to be a ideally dried, and dried/cured many days faster than traditional methods.

The finished product was sampled later that afternoon by several local cannabis connoisseurs who were all very impressed with the flavor and quality of the buds. This truly is game changing technology that can increase profit margins and product quality.

For more detail, American Cannabis Company PSG Presentation - 08.26.19.pdf (1.7 MB) I have included a brief power point on the product and process. Contact me or any of my team at American Cannabis Consulting, American Hemp Services or SoHum Living Soils to find out more about how Organi-Dry can help you with the drying bottleneck.