Larry; SOMA MD Chocolate

Hi; Larry here: Creator of SOMA MD Chocolate in San Francisco / Northern California. I have created whole bud (non extractive) tech for processing bud/stems to eventually go into edibles/chocolate where the fiber of the bud/stems is not discernible but allows for a pre-probiotic edible, which is unique and micro dose to a (residue/legal for all the public) european standard of micro-doseTHC and CBD residue which is however psycho-active and medicinally discernable by edibles customers. Less is / can be more. If you are interested in the ability to create non-regulated micro dose edibles on a community/sharing basis, which can not be regulated by govt., as the level of THC/CBD is at a trace level to European Standards of allowable THC in all foodstuffs, drinks, etc., but still medicinally effective, please contact me.


Very interesting. Are you able to share a little about this process? How were you able to overcome some of the legal hurdles facing the rest of the industry?

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