Las Vegas marijuana shop can stay open 24/7

Would you want to stay open 24/7 if it were allowed?


I think it would depend on the traffic of the dispensary. If the foot traffic is there (IE Las Vegas), why not?


In the article the dispensary in question said that they had to usher people out the door when they close at 3am, and then they have a line outside at 6am when they re-open. Sounds like it makes sense in their case.


I’m very late on this post but I opened recreational sales in Las Vegas as the General Manager of this dispensary, Oasis.

As long as the doors stay open, people keep coming in. You are correct that when we had to close at 3am, by 6am there was already a line of people outside of the front door, making the morning more congested and rushed than it should need to be.

If anything, it was a huge hassle to go through closing procedures such as putting away all of the display cannabis items just to put them back out 3 hours later.


Thanks for adding that, @joel_keygrow. Let me ask you, other than the impact to operational flow, what other ancillary benefits might 24/7 business offer to the consumers and staff at Oasis and other dispensaries in Nevada?

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Las Vegas is unique in that it is a 24-hour town, and many service industry people get off work in the middle of the night. Opening the door for those extra 3 hours and the reputation of being open for 24 hours increased daily gross sales by something like a $5,000 per day average from what I have heard. (I stepped away from this company just days prior to the 24-hour change.)

One other major benefit that hasn’t been mentioned is the security factor. Back in 2017 there was a string of burglaries around the Las Vegas area. All of these crimes fit a similar m.o., they took place between the hours of 2:00-5:00 am in and around the area we operated, and only at locations while they were closed. By always having staff, customers, and multiple security officers on site, the risk for potential criminals is not worth the potential reward when compared to other locations that are not open 24/7.


In demand products. Sounds like a winning location and merchandise.


That’s a very interesting correlation you have drawn there. It makes complete sense. Can anyone actually draw a link between a decrease in crime with 24/7 operations?


That I am not sure of, I can only speak to my own experience within the “green zone” behind the Stratosphere in Vegas.