Lasagna Garden Results

This is a layered (lasagna) garden I did a few years back. The Fall picture is a week before I harvested. I was working at a greenhouse at the time and had access to crazy amounts of horse shit and cutting from morning salad greens we supplied to a restaurant. I had that built up to about 4 feet and topped it with recycled Pro Mix. The veg pic is 6 weeks after being planted.


Man bro. Good job. Any suggestions for off grid out door organic


@Ladithief does some outdoor organic growing and soil building @turnernathaniel but he’s not off the grid

Looks awesome @str8rydah


There’s off-grid growers the world over. We have ‘Strain Hunters’ on YouTube to thank for that bit of knowledge, but it’s sounding like not alot of people are doing, please note, I know if they were all lined up in front of me, it would be alot of people, but still, sounds like a slight opening