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Latest Growers Spotlight on the importance of insurance

Check out what @mmcneely53 has to say about the importance of insurance in the cannabis industry, and how to do it the right way:


This is a nice article on the importance of insurance. We at Sagacious Insurance provide Marijuana Insurance in Walnut Creek and San Francisco, CA.

We understand that growing and selling marijuana are among the fastest-growing industries in the country—but the business is not without its risks. Aside from the developing legality of the industry, businesses selling cannabis face problems like properly growing crops, faulty equipment, and rapidly-changing regulations from state legislatures.

As the owner of a marijuana business, you’ve decided to rise to and meet the challenge of owning a business in this industry. Whether this is your first time running a company or the latest in a series of ventures, you’re one of the pioneers helping to decide the future of marijuana’s use in our nation. It’s time to start protecting that investment.

To learn more about our MARIJUANA INSURANCE FEATURES, feel free to send me or my colleague @mperkins a PM.

We are looking forward to exploring what insurance options are opening up because of new State reforms. We’re licensed to insure in California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Texas.