Leading Virtual Conference - MJ Unpacked - Get Your Brand in Dispensaries!

Hello Grower’s Network community!

I work at MJ Unpacked, the leading virtual conference company in the cannabis industry. We help cannabis brands connect with retailers and much needed ancillary services. If you’re struggling to get your brand noticed by dispensaries or need help connecting with QA facilities, banking opportunities, etc., please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or (720)327-5153! https://mjunpacked.com/

Our next virtual conferences are:
-September 23rd and 24th for Midwest companies (Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma)
-November 18th and 19th for Northwest companies (Oregon and Washington)

We have a conference roughly every 8-10 weeks with plans to hit each cannabis market, so if you’re not in those markets yet, please feel free to contact me regardless!

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