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LED Feedback - Fluence Spyder Series & Spectrum King 602

Good Evening fellow Cannabis Enthusiasts.

I’d love to have any feedback or experienced/real comments/opinions on two commercial application LED fixtures. In all my research and show conversations these two lights keep coming back as clear winners in overall energy efficiency/PPFD/PAR, customer support, production yields and trichone/terpene increase.

We run an organic no till soil facility and have been using some “China” purchased LED with average results. They are much more cost effective than running our HPS but we still weren’t happy with overall size of buds and flower growth. The question now is what will be our replacement fixture.

The lights we are consider are:

  1. Fluence Spyder Series

  2. Spectrum King 602 LED

Looking forward to any insight and feedback.



Those are indeed some great fixtures from what I’ve heard in the industry. Our core focuses are on Price, PPFD/PAR and using features like UVB, Infrared and Red Laser to increase the overall health of the plant. If you’re up for a discussion on what PowerTrakGrow can bring to the table, we’re ready to talk. I can be reached at: [email protected]

Hope to hear from you.

-Brandon M., VP of Marketing and Operations


Both of those fixtures are crushing right now.
SK602 is a top light fixture and SPYDR is a Bar which can be used for vertical if you ever plan to go that direction.

Fluence has a higher efficacy if efficiency is of most importance to you.

How many fixtures do you need to replace of HPS or what is are your square footages in different stages? I can send over some comparisons if you need help


Have you looked at Bios lights. They seem to be working nice for me so far. Priced In the middle of the Spectrum and Fluence lights. 2.28 amp draw and listed for wet environments. Plus they are super easy to keep clean. But they are heavy.


Bios Lights are Tanks. I have access to some lightly used Vi High and Low output hardware from them if anyone is interested. Their price point is high for new/entry level. Great product though

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