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LED grow light comparison

While it’s oriented towards the home grower, it does have a nice chart and section comparing the lifespans and warranties of different LED brands.


I believe I have found a LED that not just compares with hps but crushes it, 2100 umols from a foot away

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ppfd at a distance is not a metric :wink:

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how is ppfd not a metric?

photosynthetic photon flux density= how dense are my photons from a distance of a foot?

So if my 300w light is hitting 1950ppf from a distance of 12 inches that would give it a efficiency of 6.5 umol/j

You can’t get efficiency numbers (umol/j, lm/w, etc.) from simple par mapping. It’s like trying to find the fuel efficiency of a car by measuring how fast the car goes. You need an integrating sphere to get accurate efficiency numbers.


Thats the reading with a Quantum par meter from a distance of 12 inches, so how would i get my efficiency reading if that is a 300w fixture

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Simply put, you can’t. If you really want to know the efficiency of that fixture you should send it to a photometric laboratory such as Lightlab International. We own the Hydrofarm Quantum PAR Meter in addition to much more expensive equipment from Apogee and LiCor. The Hydrofarm meter is very inaccurate, especially toward the edges of the visible spectrum, so you are probably also getting an exaggerated reading.


so i understand its almost impossible to measure efficiency. I also agree that the hydrofarm quantum meter is not 100% accurate, however I seen with a Spectrometer a reading of 1950 from 12 inches and with a spectrum that could match the Spydrx plus, except it has more red then the Spydrx plus. This light is legit. I want to get it out there, as a matter of fact they were at the convention in Vegas. The manufacture is Solite. .

It’s not difficult to measure lighting efficiency, but like most jobs it requires the right tools. In this case those tools happen to be expensive. I can’t seem to find any information on Solite. Do you know if they have a website? Any manufacturer who wants to sell horticultural lighting in 2017 needs to publish umol/J efficiency, L70 life rating, and some type of spectral graph, preferably all supplied by a third party lab. The days of selling lights with vague claims of higher performance through “proprietary spectrum” and single-point PPFD readings are coming to an end.


I couldn’t agree more. we have been fooled long enough by profit hungry shim shame lighting company’s, I want to give my customers the truth so that they can be successful. It really is an honor to be able to learn from people that actually care about the truth of plants and how synthetic light affects them. I am excited to be apart of that movement.


You know what I had the name wrong, the company is enlite energy and there website is