LED Insect Deterrent Light... Deters Fungus Gnats

Grower in Colorado tested the insect deterrent light on fungus gnats. Met him while I was exhibiting at the NECANN show in Boston.

I was asking him about his success using our light vs. HPS. 30% higher with your light increase was his response. But he had much better news. He told me that the fungus gnats were repelled by our insect deterrent light. Any plant under our grow light did not experience the gnats. Those under the HPS were loaded.

Then he placed an insect deterrent light beneath one of the middle plants under the HPS. Within a day or two… they moved over to plants that were not illuminated by either of the LED lights.

So the grow light (which also has insect deterrent capability… but not as strong as that of the insect deterrent light) kept the gnats away from non-infested plants. The insect deterrent lights chased the gnats away from an infested plant.

g.sigman@metaphase-tech.com for more information.