LED Light panel help

Hi everyone, would you be able to share your general opinion on this LED Panel based on the info below?

RBIRWG110 (four colors)
– Spectrum: 660mm, 450mm, 735mm (± 5mm), 400mm to 700mmm
– Color Emitting: Red, Blue, Far Red, White
– PPFD (@ 10cm): The whole panel (1069), Red (235), Blue (304), Far Red (209 PPF/ 24 PPFD), White (533)
– Size(L×W×H): 530×350×8mm
– The internsity of each color can be regulated from 0% to 100% individually through control system
– Wattage: 170W

Thank you!

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Or horticulturallightinggroup.com and pick up something that won’t burn your house down

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This company will burn down your house


Go on toolots.com. search led grow lights there best prices on good equipment so far. 159 bucks for a 240w light equal to hlgs lights. Got 4 set coming today hopefully so i can let u know the quality and performance when they arrive