Legal Cannabis industry business plans templates or examples please!

Good afternoon everyone (well at least afternoon in the United Kingdom. I have some questions to ask about whether anyone has any info or can point me in the right direction of websites with info (I have not done any research yet) for making a legal Cannabis Industry business plan please?

I was hoping someone from America would be kind enough to show me their business plan they used for setting up their Cannabis Business in the USA please. Id obviously be extremely grateful.

The main thing I need to know is how to make a usable financial forecast, so how much costs for overheads with how much return per plant e.g cost per plant to grow and expected yield in gram, ounces, kilos and pounds please ect.

Here is a check list for the application for the Swiss cannabis trials which in my opinion is basically asking for a business plan as well as having a list for the legal requirements;

"Authorisation of pilot trials under Art. 8a NarcA
Checklist – Application requirements

Data, documents, evidence Enclosure/attachment

Information on the activity of the public or private organisation
submitting the application

Designation of a responsible person who will supervise the pilot trial

Extract from the Swiss criminal record excerpt for the person
responsible for conducting the trial that must have been issued within
the last six months

Information on the aim and benefit of the pilot trial

Description of the trial (study protocol), particularly regarding the
content, methodology and approaches, number of participants, what
information participants will be given, funding and timeframe

Designation of the research management

Information on what type of cannabis products will be made available
(see also product quality requirements: Art. 9 NarcPT)

List of points of sale that will dispense those cannabis products

Information on the involvement of relevant cantonal and communal
authorities and consent from the relevant communes regarding the
planned points of sale

Information on the envisaged quantities to be dispensed and sale
price (Art. 16 NarcPT)

Information on cultivation, import, manufacture and distribution of
cannabis products (applications in accordance with Art. 24 NarcPT)

A description of the precautionary measures taken to ensure
participant safety and to protect public order and public safety

Information on the monitoring of participants’ state of health

Information on prevention, youth protection and health protection
measures and strategies

Evidence that a licence application has been submitted to the
competent ethics committee in accordance with Art. 45 of the Federal
Act of 30 September 2011 on Research involving Human Beings
(HRA), or that a confirmation has been requested stating that such an
authorisation is not required. A decision/confirmation from the ethics
committee should be enclosed with the application."


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@Marbsbuds i hope you get the answers to your questions, very technical and detailed. I think it all starts with a simple traditional business plan like the link below, then you can add all the additional content above within the correct categories.

So how do you get a foothold in this sunrise industry? With so many people jumping on the seemingly lucrative cannabis bandwagon, it is important for you to carefully think through your cannabis company before starting. In legal states, the markets have become so saturated that cannabis companies can end up with thousands of pounds of unsold product. Write your business plan and develop your business model with this in mind so you can avoid these issues.

But I think even better would be to catch a flight next week to Zurich for the conference below:

September 11 - 12, 2021
Stage-One Eventhall, Zurich, Switzerland

The first edition of the CB Expo – Cannabis Business Expo and Conference will take place in Zurich from 11-12 September.

Leading companies from Switzerland, the resto of Europe and overseas will be presenting all manner of products relating to CBD, medical cannabis, growing, paraphernalia and services in the modern Stage-One exhibition hall.

In the Network Area, exhibitors and business visitors will be able to exchange ideas in a casual setting whereas in the Conference Area, high-caliber speakers will present the latest findings from the worlds of research, politics, product development and trade.


Thanks Chris I hope you’re alright thanks for the info, I seen this the other day but it is a bit short notice to go there in 3 days for me or I would. I will be going in the next few months though.

Thanks for your help.


I would totally get on. If I could get out of the Americas. Lol

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Get on through importing I intend to try and import some products legally to use in the trials I am going to make a post in due corse requesting some partnerships from the United States.

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Did you try to consult with a business expert about it? Because it’s better to do it right now, so you won’t mess with it. But it’s up to you.
My friend opened his small cannabis business a few months ago, and it’s going pretty well because he wrote a strategy with an expert. Well, it’s not just the strategy thing, but I think you get my point. He also uses different equipment and software, like the seed to sale software that helps him to track the plants.
Anyway, I hope you will share your experience. It would be a helpful thing for many people. Good luck!


No I have just started googling and asked on here I do not think it will be to difficult now though.


If you are interested, I just connected two South Africans yesterday. One is involved in GMP certified products from Portugal and emigrating there asap, sitting in limbo due to COVID, @hemptons . The other is in the process of selling his CBD business here in South Africa and emigrating to UK and start something new there. He has about 12 years pharmaceutical experience and a great businessman. Happy to connect you with both people .

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