Legal grow setup

I would like to know how to setup tunnels for legal grow. Have been watching videos which have led me here. I am in the design phase and would like to know what steps to take to creating the conditions for a successful high quality grow.


What kind of area you growing in? Outdoors indoors? Tents or room?


@theplugconnect1, welcome to GN. All the best information that can help you is below.

Canna Cribs

Subscribe to Canna Cribs, and watch from episode 1. All the best grows/facilities in the USA and more.

Growers Network University
Successful growing is always a work in progress, but it wont hurt if you joined the GNU and started from scratch. Lots of resources and information on how to start from the basics up to advanced solutions like IPM ( Intergrated Pest Management ) and more.


Both, starting out

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What are your goals? 1000 plants a run or a handful? What are you wanting to make like flowers, concentrates, or just plain selling clones or something…

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Wanting to make flowers for export to those who make cannabis related products. How can I practically produce 10 tons of cannabis? How many plants is that and how many seeds to purchase?

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Woah buddy ur wanting to start off huge. Growing these plants take a bit of time and love. If u want a good product uneed to invest alot of time and money and 20000 lbs is a bit excessive unless u r starting ur own cartel or something lol.lota of help to get u to where u want but id start with 10 20 or 30 plants and go from there

I have plenty of time and love. I also do want my own cartel legally though. What does one plant produce at maximum?

Depends on the lighting theres a lot behind. Once you hit 700umols with lighting you gotta start pushin c02 to see any real difference in plant growth. Usually is based off lb per light not weight per plant

First you better be fairly well to do money wise if you think you can plant and grow 10 tons of pot. The high quality seeds and fertilizers will set you back a pretty penny. Even outside with a huge plant. you will only see 2-4 lbs of pot per plant, and that is taking care of them individually. To grow tons you are talking about a commercial outside grow.