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Hey Everyone.

I’m one of the many who has had a dramatic change to their schedule due to the world pandemic. I’ve always had a love for Cannabis, fresh fruits and vegetables but never considered developing a green thumb. With all the time on my hands I’ve decided to take the plunge—

I’m now a new proud owner of a VIVISON 4LX2DX5H tent with a 300W LED light. I’ve sourced red wigglers and plan to build a compost in my backyard. The short-term goal is to eliminate throwing out kitchen waste and the long-term goal is to have a constant supply of organic soil. Within the tent there are currently 22 Cannabis (seedlings), 6 basil, 6 arugula and 6 butternut squash all grown from seed in solo cups. I used everyday triple blend soil.

I ordered a yard of black garden soil from BigYellowBag ( for my backyard - the plan is to grow some of the veggies inside for the time being until its warmer outside… transfer them to the garden outside along with 2 or 3 of the best Cannabis plants and give the rest to friends. The Cannabis plants I have growing now came from seeds I’ve collected from batches of weed. I don’t know how to determine the gender of the plants.

Currently I have no ventilation other then opening one sleeve on the bottom and a sleeve at the corner of the tent beside the window. I have a small fan inside the tent on consistent with the light schedule. I have a VIVOSUN 4" Inline fan w/ control, carbon Filter and 8FT of duct on order but ETA isn’t until May 14th, 2020. In the meantime I’ve ordered 2 clip on 6" fans… I will have one shooting air into the tent and one out- hopefully this will suffice.

I have 3 auto-fem seeds germinating right now from Crop Kings ( I had them submerged in still water for 16 hours, transferred to a plate with paper towel yesterday and re-watered this morning (as instructed). The root should crack through the see within the next few days. I didn’t want to use regular soil for these so I asked around and several of my friends recommended Stepwell Supersoil Organic Grow Kit ( I hope to have a maximum of 3 plants in my tent at one time and will only grow the auto-fem seeds indoors. Not sure if I’m able to grow anything else in the tent (ie. vegetables).

I have a journal on the go— Day 4— and hoping to use the growersnetwork as a resource to help me on my journey. Looking forward to the experience.


Imo, your tent should be good for 2 good sized plants or 3 smallish ones… it will depend on how you’re training them.
As for sexing your plants, here’s some reading for now :

And when you’re ready, just post pictures and the people will surely help you out!
Have fun growing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: