Let's pollinate this place up, a breeding adventure with aficionados and gelato 33% + THC & ig giveaway

I finally have enough power to spare for a breeding chamber, I plan to use the same technique that leo stone (aficionados estates) uses. Hand pollination works and has little to no chance of contamination or cross pollination.


I have 1 munson male and 1 grannyskunk I kept from Dominion seeds (Duke diamond) and 9 Topanga canyon brulee males and 1 sorbetto male to work with from aficionados estates (leo stone)
For females I have 4 munson keepers, skunkband and 1 alien orange congalease.from leo I have 10 Topanga canyon brulee females, 8 sorbetto ,2 rose especial,3 white caviar, 4 cherry noir, 2 baguette and 1 ztarburzt


I plan to cross munson with anything that makes sense, I’m looking to create quality smoke and up the yeilds on Leo’s work mostly. Also I need to preserve munson for future projects, Duke diamonds stuff is basically sold out and tbh he’s the go to guy for a quality bumper crop. Munson #3 yeilds between 400-600 g a plant on my first two attempts and I know she can do better! #4 is super tasty and potent to boot. #2 is basically a og kush with some northern lights tones.#1 gets one more go and may not make the cut as she’s similar to #3 but not as nice


Topanga canyon brulee is a large framed plant that gos thru veg quite quickly. She brings a trifecta of gassy fuely insanity!! Sorbetto may take the terp cup tho she absolutely REEKS!!! i see how she wins absolutely every extraction award she competes for #1 every time!!! Truly the extractors dream!! Now for those aficionados estates fans you may be scratching your head lol, sorbetto male??? Haha don’t panic I will share with anyone respectful with something to swap that I want. Yup you guessed it I have REGULAR SORBETTO SEEDS!!! I was lucky enough to be a tester of their regular sorbetto!! These puppies are only released as fems to the public!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::hugs::facepunch: TKS leo and professor Q I’m so lucky and excited!!!


:crossed_fingers:good luck with this adventure, the strains are amazing like all your plants.


TKS my friend, all should go smoothly this time around I have 15 amps to spare for the adventure lol.my first attempt was cut short due to not enough power to spare . I think it will be a lot of fun to get going, I have about 10-15000 $ worth of seed to work with I just know there’s going to be some true :fire: created! :yum:


Wow thats impressive


Sounds like you have a great plan for breeding @hoppiefrog. You have some great strains to cross my friend.
I’m getting ready to breed a special strain with Male pollen from a Jack the Ripper plant, and a Royal Highness female.
Then I’m going to back cross that strain 2-5 times with the JTR pollen till I get the thcv and terpene levels I’m looking for in my strain.
Between each run I’ll send samples off for testing. Isolated pollination is the way to go also. I’ll end up using a small tipped paint brush to pollinate my female flowers.
2021 is going to be about breeding a few special strains. High THC, a 1:1 and a low THC strain. All will have high levels of THCV, CBD, and CBG in them.
Anyways I’ll be following along your breeding adventure brother.


If your on ig check out aficionados estates leo shows how he breeds there’s some great info on there w video to boot! He encourages ppl to breed breed breed! And he’s happy to share his techniques ;):facepunch:
Best of luck my friend!:sunglasses:


@devjyarn if you find a male rose especial can you send a cut and or pollen? We can swap;) I only have females:( need to reboot her the seeds we got were old I’m thinking. But we can make some if we find a male


I’ll check him out forsure!!


I only had one of my rose especial pop. Kinda disappointing! I’ll let you know as soon as I determine the sex.

I finally popped the skunkband, too.


I just need to get a few bucks and I’m sending some replacements for u and @Quest from my collection but will likely be the same situation unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:.I will send cuts tho to compensate further;). Love to swap something for whatever you find from the skunkband they are super nice smoke, pinch and bend the snot out of her. Start by topping terminal wait a week to 10 days then pinch all branch tops wait a week and do it again it will give you 30-40 colas if u shape the plant right.she will not hold herself up thru mid flower beyond so get ready to tie up every branch lol


Not sure if you had a chance to peep the MAC1 i harvested this year, nugs reminded me of your Munson from last run - also @automatik this is who i was talking about


No I haven’t I’d love to see a pic tho, mac is my list to try at some point


@hoppiefrog Here’s a fat ass drop for you, all of the MAC1 - she’s special man


We got a couple cuts of MAC1 off a buddy before they started flowering…


She veg slow af, if you have the patience she will reward you - id tell someone growing her to veg for 10-12 weeks


if you’re talking MAC1 thinking of a cutting in January put out end of May should have 24 week -26 week veg…lol…get the structure down indoor also ahead of time…the rarer skunks are impressing me too… haven’t grown munson like @hoppiefrog but the Willy’s Wonder x Uncle Fester #18 I grew is a serious stacker too and a very squat plant with massive buds… the Uncle Fester’s is a done project now they are going to Single Skunk the Cousin It cutting after 2020…


I failed to put a ‘minimum’ sorta asterisk there - meant indoor or out as well! Youre right tho a proper training and veg would produce a monster, I had thrown out 6 separate clones all diff strains end of June this year and the lack of veg time was most obvious on the MAC for suuurrree :v:

You seem to know youre stuff, tag me in your endeavours @Ladithief